Petunias are such great flowers for garden centerpieces. Brimming with brilliant colors and a delicate smell, petunia flowers are great for adding a splash of color to your gardens. They make great ground covers and blooming borders, but look especially spectacular and dramatic in hanging baskets and window boxes, adding amazing waves of color to garden design and yard landscaping.

Flower Bed

Petunia garden 1

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Petunia is great ground cover. It is as easy as it gets, as long as you plant them in a sunny spot and give them water and well-fertilized soil. This allows you to easily plant them on the ground and combine the colors.

Petunia garden 4

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Another idea you can make is as a border on your landscape. Petunias are highly flexible, they can be combined well with other plants.

Unique Plantter

Petunia garden 2

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As the main attraction of your garden, petunias will be more interesting when planted in a unique planter. One example is this white bicycle planter. The existing white color will look contrasting with the colorful petunias, a beautiful sight for anyone looking at.

Petunia garden 13

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Here is another unique planter idea. Petunias grown in old wooden wagon make a rustic impression on your garden.

In A Container Petunia garden 5

Source : PinterestOne of the easiest ways to add color with petunias is to create gorgeous containers filled with a mix cascading petunia flowers. You can mix contrasting colors, or add a selection of similar shades: it all depends on the effect you’re looking for.

 Petunia Tower

Petunia garden 3

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Making a petunia tower is certainly a smart way to show off your petunias centrepiece in your garden. This unique planting and colorful flower display, makes the petunia look more attractive.

Petunia garden 6

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This petunia planting is more appropriate for a narrow garden or your front porch. All you need is galvanized wire fencing, landscape fabric, black zip ties, flower pot and colorful petunias.

Hanging Pots

Petunia garden 7

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Petunias planted in hanging pots will be a beautiful centerpiece. This is because it will dangle down beautifully.

Window Box

Petunia garden 8

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Have you ever seen those gorgeous explosions of color in window boxes? They are mostly wave petunias.  What a real show stopper!

Petunia garden 12

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Here we have a great garden decoration idea for 4th July. Even your garden celebrate it.

Petunia Tree

Petunia garden 10

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At first glance, this appears to be a petunia tree! But it’s actually a really clever stand that holds container plants.

Petunia garden 11

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You can also use the dry tree to really make your petunia tree. Hole the trunk then fill it with the ground and plant petunia. One color or colorful it is your choice.

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