The function of the park is also quite varied, but can be used as a place to channel a gardening hobby, the park can also be used as a playground for children and even room to gather relaxed with family. No need to spend a lot of cost or a total overhaul, just use a simple garden decoration to beautify the appearance of your home garden. Here are 10 Garden Decorations That Make Your Home More Stylish.

1.Vintage Effortless White Vintage Touch


Make an all-green garden appearance with classic and effortless vintage white. The all-white garden decor is guaranteed to give you a cozy feeling every time you step into the house.

  1. Classic Wooden Furniture With Pastel Colors


Garden furniture in the form of wooden chair with minimalist style is also a garden decor that can be durable and stylish all the time.

  1. Vertical Space Saver


In addition to beautify the overall appearance of the house, the decoration of this hanging garden is also easy to organize and not spend a lot of space in the park. Interested to try?

  1. Beautiful Staircase Garden


Stairs are always an attractive shelf alternative for inside or outside the home. As a garden decoration, the stairs become the creative mirror of the homeowner who never runs out of ideas.

5.Recoration of Recycled Garden Of Used Tires


This unique garden decoration idea is more environmentally friendly and simply uses the recycling techniques of existing tires.

6.Natural Artistic Impression With Bamboo Decoration


Natural artistic impression you can get easily thanks to the installation of bamboo walls as garden decorations are easy to maintain and practical.

7.Klap Flickering Beautiful Lamp


Garden decoration in the form of proper lighting will make the atmosphere of the park becomes more warm and suitable to gather with family.

8.Shabby Chic, The Romantic One


By choose a garden decoration with Shabby Chic style, secured garden or garden in front of the home page will be your favorite hangout place at home.

9.The Path As A Garden Decoration


For those of you who want a permanent garden decoration that at the same time beautify the appearance of the park, the path to be a pretty brilliant idea.

10.The Mini Pool


Adding a water element to a balanced feng shui element can bring many benefits, including smoothness in the financial and career fields.

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