Despite its relatively small size, the presence of a vase of flowers can provide a cheerful color and a different atmosphere in the room. In addition to the beautiful appearance, flowers and sweet vase is a decorative element that can be quite flexible and not too expensive. Actually, flowers of any color will match if you plug in any room.

1.Flower Vase in The Living Room


Placement of a vase in the living room is not something new. The presence of flower vase in this room in fact can be a sweet greeter not only for invited guests but also the residents of the house.

2.Flower Vase in The Family Room


The vase of fresh flowers can instantly provide a cheerful atmosphere in your family room. You can put a flower vase with a simple design on the table or side of the sofa to give a touch of nature in space.

  1. Flower Vase in The Bedroom


The presence of a flower vase in the bedroom can also be one of the inspirations you can realize. Put a flower with a pretty vase on your bedside table.

4.Flower Vase on The Table


You can also choose a vase with glass material to keep the room and the table still impressed light. Fresh flowers on the dining table with the right size of course can sweeten your dining room.

5.Flower Vase in Kitchen


Choose a flower vase with a sturdy design with a size that is not too large. In addition, ornamental plants can also be your choice. Place the vase in an area that is easy to see but not easily knocked.

6.Flower Vase on The Floor


Another alternative to beautify the room with flowers is to install a flower vase floor. Flower floor vase can be sweet pedamping if placed on either side towards or leading to the stairs.

7.Flower Vase on The Desk


The workspace is usually close to the impression of rigid and boring, especially if you ignore the decoration details. No need to buy too big, flower vase with a simple design can sweeten the room.

8.Flower Vase on The Bedroom


In addition to display in the main room, the vase is also suitable to be displayed in the bathroom loh. This is true even if your bathroom is small. If you have more space in the bathroom, you can freely put a flower vase on the side of the sink or bathub.

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