Despite its relatively small size, the presence of a vase of flowers can provide a cheerful color and a different atmosphere in the room. In addition to the beautiful appearance, flowers and sweet vase is a decorative element that can be quite flexible and not too expensive. Actually, flowers of any color will match if you plug in any room.

1.Flower Vase in The Living Room


Besides being able to make the living room look feminine, a series of roses which are dominated by pink are also decorations that can be easily found in the backyard. Use a vase with a size that can be adjusted to the size of the flowers to be applied. Feminine Style Flower Vase from @moonstruck28


Placement of a vase in the living room is not something new. The presence of flower vase in this room in fact can be a sweet greeter not only for invited guests but also the residents of the house. Arrangement of Tulips Vases from @elfensturz


Using a transparent glass vase is an idea that never goes out of style. Likewise, if you apply it to your living room with the addition of white lilies in it, it will certainly make your living room look more beautiful. Transparent Glass Vase from @leah_hallis_design

2.Flower Vase in The Family Room



You can create a cheerful atmosphere with colorful family room decorations. One way you can do this is to use colorful flowers in a transparent vase. Choose one type of flower with various colors and place it in one pot so that it becomes a colorful flower arrangement that gives positive energy to all family members. Colorful Blooming Flower Vase from @theproperpeacock


Using flowers as indoor decorations is the right idea, but choose flowers with minimal maintenance to make it easier for you. Orchid flowers are a type of flower that is very beautiful and easy to care for, so it is very suitable for room decoration. Orchid Flowers Decor from @townandcountryhouse


The vase of fresh flowers can instantly provide a cheerful atmosphere in your family room. You can put a flower vase with a simple design on the table or side of the sofa to give a touch of nature in space. DIY Clay Vase from @theblossomshome

  1. Flower Vase in The Bedroom


Don’t let the surface of your nightstand look plain, now you can try placing a small vase that can be filled with hydrangea flowers of the same color tone. Use the right planting medium, maybe clean water will make your indoor flowers not easily wither. Hydrangea Vase Decoration from @robertsstudiodesign


The presence of a flower vase in the bedroom can also be one of the inspirations you can realize. Put a flower with a pretty vase on your bedside table. Vase of Flowers on the Nightstand from @hoops_and_home


Customize your flower vase with the theme of the bedroom you are using. If your bedroom has a modern style, you can try using a ceramic vase with splashes of white so that it has a color harmony with the wall paint and bedding you are using. Ceramic Flower Vase from @homebehindtheoak

4.Flower Vase on The Table



White and blue are a mix of colors that blend perfectly. Now you can try it on a hydrangea flower arrangement that can be applied to a slender vase that has a classic look. Blue and White Hydrangea Vase from @decorandbeyond_byreina


Look at the antique vase design used on this coffee table, doesn’t it look beautiful and classic? Yes, the combination of gold and white will be the perfect combination that you can choose to place on a glass coffee table. Classic Look Flower Vase from @merlynmonah_homedecor


You can also choose a vase with glass material to keep the room and the table still impressed light. Fresh flowers on the dining table with the right size of course can sweeten your entryways. Flower Vases for Console Table Decor from @theblossomshome


To add color and pattern to the decoration of the dining room or to be precise on the wooden dining table, you can use a ceramic vase that has been painted with a striped pattern and of course has a combination of blue and white. Make this flower vase a centerpiece decoration. Striped Pattern Flower Vases from @villa_pocket

5.Flower Vase in Kitchen



An easy way that you can do to decorate the kitchen area with a different look is to place a flower vase in a unique shape, such as the shape of a shell. Insert your indoor flowers in the hollow of the vase shell at the same time with the right planting medium. Shells Vase Shaped from @na_skok_doma


Kitchen island is one of the furniture that is often used for cooking activities in the kitchen. Therefore you can decorate it with a textured ceramic vase that can be filled with a bright yellow tulip flower arrangement. Textured Flower Vases from @interiorhome__design


Align the color of your flower vase with the color tone of the kitchen used. Pink is a color choice that is often used to instantly present a touch of a feminine theme, paint this vase yourself to save more on your spending budget. Repaint Flower Vases from @myhomelydecorr


Choose a flower vase with a sturdy design with a size that is not too large. In addition, ornamental plants can also be your choice. Place the vase in an area that is easy to see but not easily knocked. Flower Vases Countertop Display from @imma_galiana

6.Flower Vase on The Floor



An easy way to welcome your guests with joy is to place two flower vases on the floor in the right layout. Place two of these floor vases on either side of the front door in the same size, color and design. Symmetrical Flower Vase in the Entryway from @blissful_on_the_creek


Another alternative to beautify the room with flowers is to install a flower vase floor. Flower floor vase can be sweet combined if placed on either side towards or leading to the stairs. Floor Flower Vase beside Stairs from @theia_design_studio


Not only decorating the table, but you can also decorate the living room floor with a large and tall flower vase. Maybe a flower vase that is placed right next to the chair will be safer from the children, just set the distance not too close. Textured Floor Flower Vase from @modernaccentskelowna


This flower vase with marble pattern is able to present a modern theme instantly. You can choose it with a combination of black and yellow so that it gives an instant dramatic impression, have more than one flower vase so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Marble Floor Flower Vase from @resinandart1

7.Flower Vase on The Desk


The workspace is usually close to the impression of rigid and boring, especially if you ignore the decoration details. No need to buy too big, flower vase with a simple design can sweeten the room. Small Flower Vase Decoration from @drobiazgi_domowe_blog


Perfect your desk decoration with a textured flower vase that is not too big in size. This textured flower vase can be placed right next to your keyboard or computer. Modern Look Flower Vase from @sincerely.jehn


The surface of the desk decorated with a large enough flower vase is able to instantly present a spring theme. Just choose and use this vase according to the material you want, clay material might be more natural and environmentally friendly. Spring Desk Decoration from @sixty3london


A small vase made from reusing used glass bottles is an on-budget decoration that you can fill with a few sprigs of blooming flowers. Before using the bottle as a flower vase, you can wash it first until it’s clean. Bottle Flower Vase from @mustardvintage


8.Flower Vase on The Bathroom


The countertop sink section which is decorated with various beautiful blooming flowers is a smart idea that you can do when you have a small budget. Choose and use various types of flowers to make it look more beautiful and stunning. Various Kinds of Flowers are Blooming from @home.decor.chit. chat


In addition to display in the main room, the vase is also suitable to be displayed in the bathroom loh. This is true even if your bathroom is small. If you have more space in the bathroom, you can freely put a flower vase on the side of the sink or bathub. Flower Vase Bathtub Tray Decor from @kinneandersen


Blooming flowers that are applied to a ceramic vase can also be placed in the windowsill area as a beautiful view when you soak in the bathtub. Use a variety of different types of flowers to make it look more colorful and ready to be used as an instant addition to the color of the room. Blooming Flowers for Windowsill Decor from @katesgeorgianhome


If you have a glass bottle with a unique shape, reuse it as a flower vase design so it’s cheaper and doesn’t require any expenses at all. Flowers blooming in pink are the best choices that you can use and can be obtained directly in the backyard garden. Reuse Glass Bottles as Flower Vase from @bohotribe


This blooming flower which is dominated by yellow color is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Why ? Because it has a splash of color that is quite bold, just place it right in the area of the cabinet and bathtub you are using. Yellow Flower Blossoms from @heidicaillierdesign


Besides being able to decorate the room, indoor roses are also able to make the room feel more fragrant throughout the day. You can take these roses with their stems and put them in a tall vase filled with water so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long time. Rose in Bloom from @homeinheidelberg


Blooming flowers with pink tones are the best choice that you can use to decorate a bathroom that is dominated by white tones so it looks more colorful. Get flowers blooming in your garden without having to buy them. Pink Tone Color Blooming Flower from @homeinheidelberg

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