Cooking in the kitchen sometimes spends time. This sometimes makes people reluctant to enter the kitchen. With a simple kitchen trick can be a comfortable and fun place. The kitchen is a central area of ​​the house where most of the time is spent here. The following are 10 Tricks To Make You Comfortable While Cooking in the Kitchen that you must try in your house.

  1. Present favorite color


Young yellow that symbolizes hope and optimism can be an option. In addition to wall paint, favorite colors can be presented in cooking utensils or kitchen knick-knacks.

  1. Buy essential oils


Just like color, a good aroma can make you more comfortable and excited. This aroma can be obtained from essential oils. The types are diverse and each aroma has its own benefits.

  1. Put the plant


Make the kitchen atmosphere more ‘live’ by putting green plants. This way as well as making the air in the kitchen more fresh. You can choose both small and big plants.

  1. Use salt to remove negative energy


Ever hear that putting salt can drive out ghosts? This turns out to be true in terms of expelling negative energy. Because salt has the ability to absorb and dry so much used to ‘clean’ the house.

  1. Remove unused items


Show kitchen utensils that are only often used. For the rarely used, you can store it in the closet so as not to make the kitchen room looks full.

  1. Use aromatherapy soap


Washing dishes is one of the kitchen activities that take up time. In order for this job feels lighter, you should buy dish soap with favorite scent.

  1. Present handmade items


Believe it or not, bringing handmade goods brings positive energy in the kitchen. This is because of the energy in the goods, where the work of a person becomes part of the daily life of others.

  1. Paste the positive quote on the refrigerator door


Positive thoughts make life more positive. This principle can be realized in the kitchen. The trick is simple, just stick positive quote on the refrigerator door.

  1. Buy a kitchen tool made from metal


In addition to being trendy, kitchenware made from brass, copper or bronze also have positive affirmations. According to fengshui, these colors symbolize prosperity and wealth.

  1. Clean the kitchen window


You can use vinegar to remove stubborn stains that stick to the kitchen window.

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