For those of you who have had children, have you ever wanted to decorate a child’s room but confused what kind of design should you use? Or even your own children who want to decorate his room is not boring and looks attractive? Here are 8 children room decoration design ideas that will certainly be very liked by your child.

  1. Decorating room with red and light green


This one room decoration idea is more suitable for girls because of the soft colors chosen. For those of you who have a daughter, can try a combination of red and light green.

  1. Use bright and vibrant colors


Bright and vibrant colors are perfect for children, both girls and boys. Like the example above, yellow and orange include pleasant colors, so the child’s bedroom will not look boring.

  1. Automotive theme for boy’s room


Generally boys love the smell of automotive. If you have a boy, then the automotive theme you can make the main theme of your child’s room. For example just like the example of the above room decor that uses the car as a bed

  1. The princess theme for the girl’s room


Girls usually like fairy tales, let alone those related to royal stories. The fantasy of many girls is to be a royal princess.

  1. The tree house theme


Room decoration design for other children that you can follow is a tree house. Decorating the child’s bedroom by giving the trees and grass as decoration and waking up the bedroom in the form of a house commonly called a tree house.

  1. Bedroom with play area and secret passage


Bedrooms equipped with play facilities can also add to the fun. Give additional slump like the example in the picture above so that the child is also more excited every time entering the bedroom.

  1. Home in the house


Another unique room decoration design idea is also the concept of home in the house. Build a small house and put a mattress in it.

  1. Adventure theme


For your child who is fond of adventure, then the adventure theme is very suitable to be applied into the child’s bedroom.

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