Kitchen is an area that may often be compared to start building a house. THIS SERVICE is one of the important places that will be your place for family. An attractive kitchen will be one of the factors you feel comfortable while cooking. Thus, it is very important to pay attention to the selection of wall paint colors to fulfill your dreams. To beautify the interior look, you can choose and use one or more colors (color combination), good paint color for mold wall for kitchen cabinet. If you’re looking for paint color inspiration for your favorite outfit, look at 10 References from us about the Best Colors for Kitchen Wall Paint, so you can be more comfortable while cooking.

1.Dark Gray


You can easily present a modern look in your kitchen by applying the right colors. Using dark gray color in your kitchen is the right step, dark gray can not only be applied to walls and floors but you can also use cabinets with stainless doors which basically already have a dark gray main color. Modern Dark Gray Kitchen from @elham.bagherzadeh.architect


In order for your kitchen to get a dim and cold atmosphere, you should use colors that are not too flashy. Dark gray can make your kitchen calmer and cooler, try applying dark gray to the kitchen island, of course it will make your kitchen more harmonious with the appearance of other decorations. Dark Gray Kitchen Island from @deco_acogedora


 Dark gray is a flexible color so you can use it in any room style you want. One of them is to apply to industrial style, dark gray is perfect for this style kitchen, you can apply dark gray to the final layer of some of the furniture in your kitchen and it will be more perfect if combined with exposed brick on the kitchen wall. Industrial Style Dark Gray Kitchen from @deco_acogedora

2.Shabby Chic


The Shabby Chic themed kitchen is perfect for those of you who want a luxurious but simple style. This theme is perfect for a small kitchen. Minimalist but elegant. Small Shabby Chic Kitchen from @trilliletty_countrychic_


You can try the shabby chic theme in kitchen decor by choosing a variety of color tones. For example, you can try it on floor tiles and a kitchen island with splashes of lemon lime color. Shabby kitchen cabinet let alone with white color. Bold Color Kitchen Ideas from @rosalba_life_shabby


White is a suitable color choice for a shabby chic kitchen theme. Just end this kitchen room with some flower patterns that are on the ceramic glass used and displayed in this room. Shabby Chic White Kitchen from @imlandhaus

3.Simple White


For those of you who do not like many colors, you can choose a white cat kitchen. This nuance will make you comfortable and calm. This color is a suitable color choice for all room themes including modern, contemporary and minimalist. Calm White Scheme Color from @quefalamaria


There’s no need to worry when you have a kitchen decor with limited or narrow space, because now you can dominate the room with plain white paint that can be applied to the walls, ceiling and even the kitchen cabinets used in this room. This color is widely available in building stores because it is quite a favorite. White Paint Kitchen Paint from @sardoe


An open, bright and spacious look can be obtained instantly when you use plain white tones in contemporary kitchen decorations. The presence of white wall paint and cabinets is complemented by the presence of a natural wood dining table set. White Paint with Wooden Furniture from @kroniki


There’s no need to worry when you have a kitchen decor with limited space, because white shades can make this room look wider. The use of this color can be tried in a dominating manner, for example, try it on the cabinets and paint the walls as well. Small White Kitchen Decor from @decoryver

  1. Fresh Yellow Paint



Fresh Lime Green’s colored kitchen will keep you excited every day. Your house will look more cheerful and fresh. This yellow paint can be applied to some wall paints which can be combined with plain white paint. The two will work well together. Yellow and White Wall Paint from @pigmento.homedesign


Not only on the walls, but bright yellow paint can also be applied to the kitchen cabinets for a bright new look. The presence of sunlight entering the room makes the application of this cabinet paint brighter and shiny. Yellow Paint Kitchen Cabinet from @dunnedwards


Combine yellow wall paint with the use of a tile backsplash for a classic modern look that never fails. The use of this tile backsplash makes it easier for you to carry out routine maintenance every day. Use floating shelves thoroughly for a neat kitchen look. Light Yellow Paint Wall from @asrosenvinge


Sunshine vibes in this kitchen area are present because they use touches and paint which is dominated by bright yellow. Not only on the cabinet, but you can apply it to the window frame too so that it is more bold. Sunshine Kitchen Design from @idahomebynicole


Yellow is a suitable color choice for a vintage-style kitchen theme. This color can be tried on the wall paint and can be finished with several types of indoor greenery as a pleasant addition to natural colors. Vintage Kitchen Decor from @ak.designla

  1. Pastel Color


A subtle finishing touch to this kitchen décor can be applied through the use of the right wall paint. Pink wall paint with a pastel interior color that is used is able to unite the color tones of the entire room more cohesively. Pink Paint Wall Kitchen from @theelectricpenguin


The pastel colors that dominate this kitchen provide an instant soft touch. Pink pastels and blue pastels are a color combination that never fails, these two colors make the kitchen room more colorful and fun. Soft Pastel Color from @littlebigbell


The pastel colors that are applied in this kitchen decoration can be applied to the cabinet or wall paint. This pastel color is able to present a touch of modern style that will never go out of style. Add a vase of bright yellow flowers for an instant pop of color. Modern Pastel Kitchen Decor from @littlebigbell


The pink pastel that is applied to this part of the kitchen wall can be perfected by using a colorful tile backsplash. This will be a fun new focal point ready to serve as a room backdrop. Purple floating shelves are the best combination. Pink Pastel Wall Kitchen from @interioreccentric


You can try a new and different look in your kitchen decoration by using pastel purple wall paint. This color is able to bring soft and beautiful nuances. Add wood accents for a classic and natural look. Purple Paint Kitchen from @interioreccentric

6.Dark Silver


The concrete wall that was repainted in a dark silver color is able to present an industrial theme and is highly recommended to try. This color is a neutral color that is suitable to be combined with any color kitchen cabinet. Industrial Vibes from @homeathand


Dark silver and black are a combination of contrasting colors but can blend perfectly. You can try the black splash by using the knobs attached to the kitchen cabinet to make it easier for you to open it. Dark Silver Kitchen Cabinet with Black Knobs from @moorehouseathome


The dark silver kitchen will make your house look more luxurious and modern. This paint can be applied to all existing kitchen cabinets so that it can be used as the main color that seems neutral and is able to produce a final touch that will never go out of style. Dark Silver Kitchen Cabinet from @sw_kitchenandbath


The combination of dark silver and white in this kitchen area both have a splash of neutral color that makes the room look simpler. Herringbone wooden floor is a blend that works well together, dark silver can be tried on the kitchen cabinets. Dark Silver and White Paint Kitchen from @katesgeorgianhome

  1. Black White


The black and white design does look simple, but actually this motif has a great artistic appearance. These two colors are capable of producing a monochromatic final look that will never go out of style. Simply apply it to the wall paint or furniture that is used evenly. Monochromatic Style from @makeitrustoleum


Black and white is a color combination that will never fail to be tried on any part of the house, including kitchen decor. A black matte stool with cabinets and white wall paint is ready to give it a modern look that will never go out of style. B/W Modern Kitchen from @homepoppylane



For a small kitchen, you should avoid using dark colors. Orange Wall Kitchen is perfect for making your room more energetic. Finish off this kitchen décor by using a tiled floor that has a checkerboard pattern for a more stylish look that can never fail. Dark Orange Kitchen Paint from @herrklar


To give a new look to your kitchen decor, painting the walls with a bold color like orange is a must try. This color provides room support to make it look brighter and more charming. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also enter indoor green plants for a beautiful blend of contrasting colors. Orange Kitchen Wall Paint from @edwardbulmerpaint

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