This time, there are so many DIY tutorials that are circulating in social media, ranging from DIY fashion accessories to home furnishings. Well this time, the Engineering Kitchen will provide some inspiration of unique home furnishings and materials made of secondhand items. So if in your house a lot of used goods, do not hurry throw it well.

  1. Sofa from Secondhand Tire


To make it, you only need paint, medium-sized rope, round wood pieces as a central buffer, glue and nails as adhesive, and foam pads.

  1. Chairs and Bookshelves from Old Wood


How to make it very easy, simply by nailing the long wood on the wood shaped rectangular to form like a chair. For the front, let it remain uncovered, so you can use to store your favorite book collection

  1. Cabinet from Newspaper


Instead of old newspapers you just grope the warehouse, mending outin keep changing old newspapers unused into a unique closet. All you need is a large quantity of newspaper, drill, rope or wire, and glue.

  1. Flower Vase from Canned Food


The materials needed to make it are also very easy to find, such as gravel and glue. To make it, apply glue around the used tin, then stick the gravel around it and be a unique and minimalist flower vase.

  1. Broken Chairs Made Swing


Make a broken chair into a swing-swing that you can hang on the tree trunk in your yard. Or if you do not have a tree, you can make a buffer made of wood or iron.

  1. Kids Chairs from Water Pipe


You just set up pieces of paralon pipes to form a series of chairs, and add the cloth with the motifs and pictures of your child’s favorite.

  1. Flowerpot from Secondhand Shoes


Fill the soil and plants into used boots. But do not forget to pierce the bottom and sides well, so that air circulation and water to the plant can run well. The size of the hole does not need to be too big, just 0.2 cm in diameter.

  1. Wall Clock from Bicycle Rims and Pulleys


You can take advantage of unused bicycle rims or used pulleys. You simply paste the rounded paper that has been fitted with the numbers, then add the pointer and the drive machine on the back.

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