Ranging from wall decoration, soft carpet, to eliminate objects with potential hazards, a lot of which should be the attention of parents. Don’t be confused, here are 9 Things You Must Have Inside a Baby Room

1. Baby Room Must Have Baby Bed

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Baby bed is one of the furniture that must be in the baby room area so that it will provide comfort. Choosing to use a canopy baby bed is the right choice so that it will provide extra warmth and also an attractive appearance. Canopy Baby Bed from @mioterisjunior

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You will never fail to use a baby bed that is equipped with a drawer underneath. The reason is that it will provide storage space that is simple but very functional. White Baby Bed from @inspiratievoorjebabykamer

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Avoid to choose a rigid baby box with the door open on the side. This is because the baby who starts to learn to turn around will be at risk to fall from the side of the door of the baby basket. Wooden Baby Bed from @villa.mojave

2. Mattress and Sleeping Equipment

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Complete a crib with a soft baby pillow and bumper set that surrounds the inside of the basket or baby box. Choose a baby crib that is safe for children. White Mattress from @edaliiremceyiz

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This baby bed is equipped with a soft baby mattress, blanket and pillow so that it will provide comfort for the baby. Having a polka dot theme makes this bedding look cute and suitable for babies. Patterned Mattress from @jannikaedemyr

3. Baby Clothes

The best way to maximize the space in your baby’s room is to use a nice looking nursery dresser. You’re going to need plenty of space for those adorable baby clothes. A Dresser can give lots of storage so that you put clothes and others baby needs according to their respective categories. It is also a good idea if the baby wardrobe has many drawers or shelves. Thus, you can put clothes and baby needs according to their respective categories. So, do not have to bother when want to take the baby’s needs.

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Dressers are the perfect choice for baby cloth storage ideas in the baby room. The reason is that it has lots of drawers that can be used to store more baby cloth and still look neat. White Dresser from @our.home.trio

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These amazing drawers can never fail for baby cloth storage ideas in the baby room. Equipped with dividers will make these drawers more perfect and more organized. Drawers for Cloth Storage from @jasieyo

4. Baby Table

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This one piece of furniture has many functions that deserve compulsory consideration in every nursery for parents. Special furniture to change baby clothes can make it easier when preparing a baby to change clothes. Baby Table from @hausnummereinszwei

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The baby table is a very functional piece of furniture in the baby room area. It can be used as a storage idea at the bottom while the top is very convenient for changing baby clothes. Baby Table with Pink Mattress from @myhome_yourinspiration

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This is a baby table that is equipped with a drawer underneath so it will be very functional. Equipped with a thin mattress on it will provide comfort for the baby while lying there. Cozy Baby Table from @nina_lessia

5. Monitor or Mobile Baby Camera

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With a baby monitor in the nursery and mobile devices that can be carried, parents can easily do other activities without having to worry about the baby’s sleep situation. Mobile Baby Camera on crib from @chloe___mouton

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Mobile baby is one of the little things that you have to have in the baby room. The reason is that it is very easy to monitor your baby without you having to be there and check it all the time. Pink Mobile Baby Camera from @june_ira

6. Diapers Basket

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The special white basket greatly facilitate small cleaning activities at all times in the nursery. Special diaper traps in every nursery will save the work of parents who no longer have to go out or down from the nursery to throw piles of diapers. White Diapers Basket from @shishucreations

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This fabric basket will be the perfect place to store baby diapers. By using this basket, it will make it easier for you to access it without having to open and close the dresser. Fabric Basket from @laurenandsophiahome

7. Light Night or Small Illumination for the Night

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Babies who are used to sleeping in the condition of a baby room with a perfectly closed lamp will have good sleep quality as well. With the condition of a dark baby room, parents will need a night light or small lighting for the night. Rabbit Illumination from @talo_jj

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A night light is one of the things that must be in the baby room so that it will maintain the quality of the baby’s sleep. This time you can use bear illumination so it will look beautiful and adorable. Bear Illumination from @affordable_place

8. Basket Clothes

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Provide baskets for clothes to make washing clothes easier, for example with dirty baskets specifically for wet clothes and special baskets for dry clothes in the nursery. When not in use you can display it by stacking it in front of the wall. Wicker basket from @ty_cocon_va

9. Mom Breeding Chair (Mom Zone)

A good nursery is not just for your baby’s needs, but also for the comfort of parents, especially mothers. Provide a comfortable sofa chair that will make the activity of breastfeeding more fun. In case you are a working mom, keep your breast milk stored in the chiller so that other members can feed them on time.

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Providing a mom breeding chair is one of the perfect ideas to complete your baby room decor. This time you can use a lounge chair so that it will provide perfect comfort. Lounge Chair from @claranaicearq

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Complementing the baby room decor with a rocking chair is the perfect idea. He will be the most comfortable place for moms when they are in the baby room. Rocking Chair from @disentosd



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