To beautify the look of the garden, it takes a variety of beautiful ornamental plants such as flowers, bonsai plants and various other types of plants so that the air around the house will also feel cool. In having the type of flower, it should not be done with origin, because the combination of each type and also the color must fit so it looks beautiful and orderly. To find out what kinds of flowers are suitable for the park, here are Types of Flower For Most Suitable Home Garden.

  1. Begonia


This flower has a very sharp color and on the leaves there are shades. When the begonia flowers bloom, it will make your house vibrant full of color. This plant you can plant in pots that are black or brown.

  1. Mandevilla


This type of flower for the park is suitable to be placed near the wall, because it will make a wall that previously looks saturated into color.

  1. Morning Glory


Morning GloryThis flowering plant also includes one of the vines that will look beautifully planted on a fence or create a vertical garden. This morning glory flowers will bloom beautifully in the morning with a refreshing scent that will make the atmosphere of your home more refreshing.

  1. Bugenvil


This plant will grow bushy and have a very diverse color like pink, orange, purple and also red. This plant can grow very large, therefore you must be diligent to do trim so its shape can look always beautiful.

  1. Coral Vine


Coral Vine is a plant that comes from Mexico that is well known for its very beautiful and exudes a pink romantic look. Part of the flowers are small and gathered together with bright green leaves.

6. Glory bower


These creepage plants have white, red and some other colors that you can choose according to your wishes.

7. Petrea Volubis


Petrea Volubis grown on a fence with a purple bluish tint is a bit bluish and there is also a whole white. The flower part is wide-shaped so that it covers the surface of the stem that will color your garden very beautifully.

8. Wisteria


These vines can grow up to 20 meters and are very old for hundreds of years.

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