Summer gives you warm night along the season. The day with your family will make it more impressive by sitting at your backyard together. Enjoy the night at summer by having beautiful lighting for your outdoor. Here, you can spend your time with your spouse and children while sharing what you have done all day long. Try one of these design ideas for backyard lighting this summer!

Light Up Your Trees

Light up your trees


What a romantic place it is! See what will your spouse tell you for how surprising this lighting idea. It is the best place to have romantic and impressive dinner with your lovely partner of life. Take this idea soon and make your relationship goes much better than before.

Rustic Garden Gate

Rustic garden gate


You need three leaders to make it as rustic garden gate. In order to have it more impressive, decorate with twinkle lights, hanging lanterns, climbing vines, and any other ornaments you like. This will be a nice entrance coming to your backyard.

Above a Porch

Above a porch


Pretend that you are in a nice oasis to spend your summer time. The light on your ceiling make your backyard brighter than before. Then, if you want to try another design, you can hang the lamps on the wall.

Backyard Hammock Light

Backyard hammock light


Enjoy summer holiday along with your family in this beautiful hammock. Make some plays around this area at night with the light for the beautiful lamps on the trees. This will be the best holiday time with your family.

Above Fire Pit

Above a fire pit


What a beautiful night spending time in a place with fire pit and string lamps above. Love your leisure time with your family, friends, or spouse. Do whatever you like here whether singing together, listening to the music, or drinking.

Garden Lighting Magical Ground

Garden lighting magical ground


Let your plants be bright by adding some incandescent string light. This will make your backyard look different than others with glowing planters. It seems like a fairy tale work for you.

String around Pergola

String around a pergola


Bring your family and friend together to enjoy the night at this outstanding pergola. The lighting makes this place more impressive to have backyard party. The swing chairs ask more challenging activities at this lovely place.

Freestanding String Light

Freestanding string light


The design of small patio looks more interesting when we add some lamps. This will be a nice place to wait for sunset this afternoon. Don’t forget to serve some juice and fruit or anything you want to eat.

Stargazer Chandelier

Stargazer chandelier


This simple wreath of reindeer becomes the best lighting for your garden party at this summer.  The design look so elegant to placed at your lovely back yard. It brings the beauty of nature to your beautiful outdoor.

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