Outdoor space is one of the things that has an important role in a dwelling because of its function. Moreover, outdoor space with waterfall design can make your home looks more homey, fresh and healthy. Utilizing outdoor space as a dining table or just enjoy tea time in the afternoon is a very pleasant thing. Then, which waterfall design do you want? Let’s check it out!

  1. Outdoor Dining Table with Waterfall

1. outdoor dinning table

Source : Pinterest

Enjoying your meal time with family in the outdoor dining table with waterfall design is so nice. The unique sound of the waterfall is not only bring freshness, but also delightful for all.

  1. Lower- Upper Backyard and Fishpond

2. lower backyard and pond

Source : Pinterest

Lower-upper backyard benefits to create a waterfall that disembogue on the fishpond under it.

  1. Waterfall and Fireplace for Nice Outdoor Space

3. waterfall and fireplace

Source : Pinterest

A combination of waterfall and fireplace is nice to have. You can enjoy them at the same time as the luxury things.

  1. Waterfall for Small Backyard

4. waterfall for small backyard

Source : Pinterest

When you hesitate to create a waterfall for your small backyard, this simple idea may will  inspire you in realizing your desire.

  1. Waterfall on the Wall

5. waterfall on wall

Source : Pinterest

Entertaining your guests in a nice place for casual conversation is useful to avoid boring time. A design of waterfall on the wall with greenery is interesting and fascinanting.

  1. Multipurpose of Waterfall

6. multipurpose of waterfall

Source : Pinterest

Usually you’ll take a shower after swimming on the beach. And now, you can steal the shower idea to be a unique thing for your outdoor space. Well, it’s simple and nice!

  1. Nature for Your Outdoor Space

7. nature in backyard

Source : Pinterest

Natural waterfall you can bring even for your outdoor space with the great design. The water flows naturally like it comes from the mountain. It’s cool!

  1. Tropical Backyard with Waterfall

8. tropical backyard with small waterfall

Source : Pinterest

The combination of tropical idea with waterfall on the hedge is an interesting design to copy for your outdoor space. So fresh and calm huh!

  1. Eye-catching Waterfall

9. waterfall

Source : Pinterest

The drizzle of the waterfall and the sound is so romantic to enjoy at the same time. The most of people want it!

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