When designing a patio, put pattern to work. Do not play on too much addition pattern if your space is include lots of different plant types and textures. If your patio is shielded, add a ceiling fan to drop the summer temperature. If you have small space, screen your seating area with attracting fencing, tall trees which also supply shade, shrubs or hedgerow. Now check out these patio design ideas below to inspire your own summer patio design.

1. Outdoor Dining Set

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Complementing the patio decor with a dining set is a perfect idea and will never fail. This time you can use plywood furniture so it will look attractive. A chair that is equipped with a pad will provide comfort. Plywood furniture from @outonthepatio_

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Look at this patio! The owner completes it with a dining set that makes it look extraordinary. The combination of gray and wooden colors that are displayed will make your patio decoration more attractive. Grey and Wooden Furniture from @laveranda_dubai

2. All-Weather Wicker Pouf

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You can never fail to use poufs to complete your patio decor. This time you can use a wicker pouf and place it in a corner of the patio so it will bring out its own charm and will give it a lively boho look. Wicker Pouf from @bohovibezcom

4 snapinsta.app_20482360_1771862532853717_2201044072024506368_n_1080

This product is made of durable, all-weather wicker with a lightweight frame. You can use it as a footstool, table or even extra seating. It’s incredibly versatile, and its color will add a welcome pop of color to your patio. Rattan Pouf from @habitandhome

3. Outdoor Sofa

5 snapinsta.app_102675736_726349241509617_3708215223742582818_n_1080

To complete the patio decoration in your home, this time you can use sofa furniture. Choose a wicker sofa that is equipped with a thick pad so it will provide perfect comfort on your summer patio. White Sofa from @designthusiasm

6 snapinsta.app_343590663_1674332793037240_1309259808461603567_n_1080

This outdoor sofa is perfect for your summer patio decorating ideas. Made using a metal frame making it strong enough and resistant to all weather. While the pad above it will provide comfort for the occupants. Grey Sofa from @sc_lovemyhome

4. Lounge Chaise Chair

7 snapinsta.app_325683737_662789345643472_7087091985630535066_n_1080

Presenting a lounge chair in patio decoration is an interesting idea. This lounge chair is made using strong material and is equipped with a soft pad so it manages to provide comfort for every user. Lounge Chaise Chair with Pad from @carmensquadrito

8 snapinsta.app_344773797_229151753080445_5875889619244816293_n_1080

This is a lounge chair made using wood material so it will present a perfect natural look. Equipped with pillows and blankets will make it more comfortable to relax. Wooden Lounge Chaise Chair from @alphamartsus

5. Wood Burning Fire Pit

9 snapinsta.app_342154509_159972056720565_6476730032949857655_n_1080

The firepit is one piece of furniture that will never fail for your patio decorating ideas. This firepit bowl made using metal material is perfect for outdoor decoration ideas and manages to provide warmth. Metal Bowl Firepit from @wollemiretreat

10 snapinsta.app_342740721_898736091413475_6366918931958553518_n_1080

Bringing a firepit to your patio decor is an interesting idea. This time you can use a small circular firepit so it will look simple and attractive. It will provide warmth at night. Round Firepit from @dallasbonds

6. Stripe Sofa

11 snapinsta.app_65303118_430904534174410_4649263569563764143_n_1080

Build a patio befitting of a boutique hotel and channel the South of France in your backyard with this graphic striped sofa set. Navy and White Sofa from @westelmsantamonica

7. Rattan Lounge chair

12 snapinsta.app_221343611_261162158712084_3431640115688561847_n_1080

This instagramable bohemian printed chair is great to be put in your poolside. Handwoven from all-weather wicker, Woven Chaise Lounger is so pretty and comfortable that make you feel so hard to go inside. Rattan Lounge Chair from @dunkervintage

13 snapinsta.app_336239134_747304050113028_8662287701786648078_n_1080

This updated boho style brings all the whimsy of the 60s with the sturdiness of modern materials. The Daisy chair is made from authentic rattan and lashed with synthetic cord. Weather-resistant, atop a steel base, and really, really photogenic, the Daisy looks good on your patio all year long. Outdoor Lounge Chair from @authenticprovence

8. Egg Swing Chair

14 snapinsta.app_57262962_1960398290735620_8190727815711688256_n_1080

Make your patio decor cozier in all seasons. This time you can add an egg swing made using a rattan and equipped with a pad so that it will provide perfect comfort. White Egg Swing from @millerhomestolkien

15 snapinsta.app_94963991_609236443013466_4141867614261027948_n_1080

This is the egg swing that can never fail to complement any patio decor. This time you can complete the egg swing by using a pad so that it will provide perfect comfort. Rattan Egg Chair from @home.sweet.home_9

9. Hammock

17 snapinsta.app_280790792_424012119120171_1959867360179539910_n_1080

This patio looks perfect complemented by a hammock. This hammock is hung with a rope that is strong enough in the patio area so it will be a comfortable place to relax. White Hammock from @vitavillan13

18 snapinsta.app_31938208_1522141674580526_1681802802478710784_n_1080

This is a hammock decorated with tassels to make it look beautiful and attractive. Equipped with pillows and blankets will make it more perfect and suitable for relaxing. Bohemian Hammock from @mykindoflike

19 snapinsta.app_67440473_161598971657426_1137432675577840011_n_1080

This patio is equipped with hammocks to provide comfort for the occupants. Having a bohemian look will make this hammock manage to steal the show and make your patio very comfortable for relaxing. Macramé Hammock from @ranchoconstanza

10. Outdoor Throw Pillow

20 snapinsta.app_343109191_1402197430613109_5462905829394563917_n_1080

Having a weather-friendly throw pillow is a must. Choose this bold patterns, graphic prints and bright color outdoor pillow to your patio to give another summer vibe to your space. Throw Pillow from @vintagemadememories

21 snapinsta.app_342734026_192025763685649_5919841579257368368_n_1024

You can never fail to complete your patio decor with throw pillows. This time you can use a gray throw pillow and throw blanket so that it will support comfort in your patio area so that you will never fail to try it. Adding Throw pillow from @bridgewaydesigns

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