Adding greenery in your indoor or outdoor space is good. It will enhance the quality of life. Greenery give an assist in breathing, improve the indoor air quality and also deter the illness. But do you know that some of greenery is can also help you to get better sleep at night?

1. Jasmine

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The smell of jasmine can reduce anxiety levels, which can lead to greater quality of sleep. Table top Jasmin from @citrusandcedars

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To improve the quality of your sleep, this time you can present jasmine there. The scent of jasmine hanging will make you more relaxed and sleep better. Hanging Jasmin from @frecklesandsprouts

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Complete your indoor decoration with Jasmin ! This is because the distinctive aroma of jasmine will provide several benefits, one of which is aromatherapy. This idea should never be missed. Potted Jasmin from @balconygardenweb

2. Snake Plant

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This time you can use the snake plant for bedroom window decoration ideas. As well as being a window treatment, this snack plant will produce oxygen which makes the air healthier. Snake Plant Window Treatment from @aprilviolett

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Snake plants create an oxygenated sleeping environment and an oxygenated environment has a long list of benefits, including the potential for reduced eye irritation, headaches, and respiratory problems. Table top snake plant from @balconygardenweb

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Presenting a snack plant is one of the perfect ideas. The reason is that it will produce oxygen which is very beneficial for the body. Snake plant side the bed from @okbhealthy

3. Chinese Evergreen

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To make the air in the indoor area healthier and of better quality, you can bring Chinese evergreens. It will do a great job of filtering the air in your home. And you can place it in the bedroom area. Chinese evergreen from @classyflowery

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Chinese evergreen, a flowering tropical plant is aces at filtering air. And it’s an ideal choice for darker bedrooms, since it thrives in low light. Corner Chinese evergreen from @planteraamor

4. Aloe Vera

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One plant that is suitable to complement your home decor is Aloe Vera. The reason is Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night just like the snake plant. Aloe Vera window treatment from @allconsidered

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Aloe Vera is one of the plants that can release oxygen at night. Therefore you will never fail to present it in indoor decoration. Table top Aloe Vera from @black.en.blanche

5. Spider Plant

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Spider plants remove about 90 percent of  formaldehyde (commonly found in household adhesives and grouts) from the air, in addition to odors and fumes. Potted Spider plant from @rebeccavross

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This hanging spider plant will provide double benefits for you. Besides being able to make your home healthier, it will also present a beautiful appearance. Hanging spider plant from @professional_plants

6. English Ivy

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Bringing English ivy to indoor decoration is the right idea. The reason is that according to research from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, English Ivy vines eliminate mold in the air. Floating shelves English ivy display from @substralbe

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You would never use English ivy to complement your home decor. The reason is that it can remove mold in the air and make the air healthier. Hanging English ivy from @bringnatureinside

7. Rubber Plant

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This is one plant that you will never fail to bring to your home. Can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Ceramic potted rubber plant from @plant_lovers3

16 snapinsta.app_136111573_509077626720981_5832532670881581944_n_1080

Rubber plant is one of the plants that is suitable for indoor decoration and can provide higher quality air. This time you can display it using a pot stand so it will look prettier. Rubber plant display from @ethnobotanyshop

Rubber plants are the definition of a win-win for your bedside needs. It is removing the formaldehyde and plus it thrives in low light.

8. Golden Pothos

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This is a golden photo plant that will provide fresher and healthier air in your home. This time potted golden pothos is displayed using a plant stand. Potted Golden Pothos from @ishami_plant_nursery

18 snapinsta.app_109072530_157107512554879_5074430283441003719_n_1080

Golden photo is one of the easiest plants to grow and another NASA-approved choice for air purification. Hanging Golden pothos from @genius.aib

9. Bamboo Palm

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This delightful bamboo palm removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene from your air — that’s some serious impact for such a stunning addition. Bamboo Palm from @kwashe_homedecor

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