Home decor is about comfort and excitement, and pantone has declared that this year is all about green. Green is a fresh choice, even for your nursery room decor. It is a lively hue with the perfect fresh sentiment for your new baby’s space. If you are agree to decorate your nursery room with green, check out these 8 ways to incorporate green in a nursery room below.

1. A Bright Half-Wall Feature

Break the brightness of your nursery room with paint the half-wall with green. Your nursery room is look more colorful but still peaceful enough to rest and play.

2. A Cheery Crib

Try to add a pop of color of your nursery room with green hue as a focal point; a cheery green crib can liven up your neutral nursery effortlessly.

3. Place It High, Place It Low

This sandwich trick is an easy style trick for adding color in an unexpected way; place it high and place it low.

4. It’s All in the Detail

Add a pop of green accent in every detail of your space.

5. Bring in the Jungle

Instead of adding an indoor plant, consider to hang a wreath in your nursery room. This wreath create a chic and natural style that requires zero painting and a little investment.

6. A Dressed-Up Accent

Punch up the green color in a black and white nursery with a vibrant dresser. You can also add an indoor plant in the corner of the space and a green ottoman to add more green vibe to your nursery room.

7. Rock Out in Color

This adorable rich green rocker is so good to be placed in your nursery room. It is so chic, elegant and add a royal feel to your space.

8. Go All Out

Just wrap the entire of your nursery room with this green hue that is so calming and refreshing.

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