Is your room comfortable and looks like your heavenly paradise? Cluttered and stuff lying everywhere, and the lack of decoration would make your room look boring. Here are 10 DIY creations for your bedroom to be attractive.

  1. Tennis Ball


The price is not expensive, but can be a funny ornament and versatile. By giving your eyes and mouth to Tennis ball, now this funny guy can help you keep a variety of small items.

  1. Tape creations


Very easy to apply. You just use different types of tape, and you can make various variants of wall frames and even unique patterns on the walls of your boardingroom

  1. Unused bottles


For those of you who have a lot of small items scattered, take advantage of the bottles used around you. Simply cut according to a certain pattern and now your stuff is neatly arranged.

  1. Cardboard wall rack


Who would have thought a used cardboard could be used as a hanging rack. Kreasikan also cardboard by providing color and decoration according to taste

  1. Hanging wall rack


In addition to using cardboard and elbow iron, you can also make wall shelves from wooden boards and used belts

  1. A more neat drawer


In addition to the table, the drawer is also the place where most of our goods are scattered.

  1. Magnetic board


In addition to unique, now you do not need to be afraid of forgetfulness again because all the reminder you can paste on this iron tray.

  1. Tin wall rack


Simply paste on the wall and give the color according to taste and now you can store various items on this tin wall rack.

  1. Shoes rack from pipes


With this pipe shoe rack, your shoes will be neatly arranged and you no longer have trouble finding out which shoes you want to wear.

  1. Float bookshelf 


In addition can be created into a cardboard wall rack, iron elbows attached to the wall can also be a unique bookshelf.

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