The most difficult to tidy up is garage. The next room is sheds. Some of us rarely use the space which actually can be transformed into storage for our equipment. We have to think over how to eliminate clutter in the garage by doing some hacks. Here are some ways to make our garage and sheds tidier that can be try;

Install a Beam to Hang

Install a beam to hang


You can hang wt jacket and show pants on this hanger. This beam functions as hanger for your driving accessories. You can hang jackets, gloves and many more. It will not take big space on your garage. Moreover, make your garage tidier.

Build Simple Shelves

Build simple shelves


What you need to make the shelves are just some woods and brackets. You don’t need to be an expert handy man to make this on your own garage. It is easy to make and inexpensive. But, you are asked to have basic carpentry skill.

DIY Garage Storage Tower

Diy garage storage tower


Construct garage storage tower to fill the empty corner of your garage. Try to make the basic which looks like a ladder. Then, rung or shelf will be the support. You have to make four legs of the storage which means there will be four ladders.

Build a Portable Tool Caddy

Build a portable tool caddy


Prepare a large piece of board and cut it into four parts in same size. Make wall panel by using wood glue and paste it on the stick. Adhere each of pegboard into the wood steak. After that, secure the four pegboards with screw driver.  To make the wall screwed together and look like a beam.

Sports Goods Storage Cart

Sports goods storage cart


When you have lot of toys at your garage, this rolling storage cart will be the best idea. It can easily move anywhere.  It will be straightforward to bring this rolling storage to the place where your children want to play.

Wire Wall Basket

Wire wall basket


This vertical ball rack can be one the solutions to save your garage space. It looks tidier all your ball, whether basket ball, foot ball, or any ball you have at this simple wire wall basket. It can be bought from any store or if you are an expert of DIY, you can make it by yourself.

Pallet Sport Equipment Storage



Your old pallet can be transformed into multi function equipment by a simple technique.  You can put your sport equipment. If you have some fishing equipment as well, it will be a better place to save yours and make your garage cleaner.

PVC Pipe to Hold Your Gardening Tools

Pvc pipe to hold your gardening tools


Put some of your gardening tools into this unique storage. You can make it by yourself.  Just cut some PVC pipes and screw them on the plain wood. It will not take a long time to make this. Then, you only need a simple step to have this incredible storage.

Stolmen Bike Rack

Stolmen bike rack


Cut the pipe depending on the length you need for the bike. Make holes on the pipe as many as the bikes you have. After that, screw a hook on the pipe and screw the pipe to the bracket and mount the stolmen. Add a rubber on it to avoid scratch on the bike later on.

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