Living in a crowded town sometimes makes you need to have enough space for relaxing when you back home to refresh your mind. Talking about relaxing space, the balcony can be one alternative for you to enjoy the view outside. If you have a narrow balcony, no need to be discouraged because you can still design it becomes a nice and comfortable place to take your time. Let’s Check the ideas!

  1. A Cozy Balcony


This is an interesting and easy idea to realize. Well, you can make your small balcony a cozy place with very comfortable chairs and some cushions there. Outdoor view makes you feel more comfortable in this balcony area. Modern Balcony Ideas from @finearthl


A soft sitting area can be used in your balcony decoration to be used as a gathering area with your family and friends. This would be the best idea you can do and try to use a neutral colored linen sofa. Use a Soft Seating Area from @paulmann_lighting


  1. Artificial Grass on the Floor


If your balcony is not wide, but elongated you can still make it becomes a nice balcony by providing artificial grass on the floor so it will create a natural atmosphere. You can apply it for an elegant look that will never fail. Elegant Artificial Grass from @cblandscapinguk


It’s a good idea to cover the floor with a carpet made of artificial grass so it has a fairly low maintenance. You can use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface. Artificial Grass Balcony Carpet from @treemendous.in


Besides being able to add color to the balcony, the use of artificial grass floors also has a surface that is suitable for your foot therapy. Another advantage that you can get from using artificial grass is that it doesn’t need maintenance and can present a natural theme instantly. Artificial Grass Balcony Floor from @treemendous.in


  1. Home Bar


The next interesting idea you can copy is a home bar on the balcony. Providing wine cooler and wine glasses there really create a nice home bar. That way the balcony decoration will be of better and maximum use. Balcony Bar Decoration from @esha.adyanthaya



  1. Elegant Balcony


Even your balcony can reflect your taste in home living. Soft colors and flowers will create an elegant impression on your balcony. Perfect it with the use of furniture made from rattan as a comfortable sitting area and suitable for use with your family. Rattan Furniture Ideas from @elitedecoreetc


These tufted chairs and sofas have a smoother surface and are suitable for use as a relaxing area. Currently, you can choose it in a neutral gray color so that it can be combined easily when there are other outdoor furniture available d. Tufted Sofa and Chair from @homedecodetails


The balcony decoration, which is dominated by the use of furniture made from bright wood, is one of the hallmarks of the Scandinavian theme. No need to use furniture with striking colors, finish this balcony decoration with green plants that can be applied evenly around it. Scandinavian Style Balcony from @deer.home


A touch of a modern theme can be applied to the use of the right furniture. Currently you can apply the use of neutral colored sofas in balcony decoration, linen material is the best choice because it has a smooth, comfortable and soft surface. Modern Balcony from @insidestudio


  1. Hanging Plants Wall Decoration


The iron frame that is used as an area to hang several potted plants is a wall decoration idea that you can try in the balcony decoration section. This iron frame will be more sturdy in use for a long time so it doesn’t carry out renovations at close range. Hanging Frame Plants Display from @beautifulhomes.india


Balcony wall decoration perfected with a few hanging pots is a decoration idea that you can do easily and practically. You can prepare the right pot and planting media. For the plants, you can get them in the backyard garden. Hanging Pots for Wall Decor from @icmimar.kubrapiraye


Before hanging the pot on the balcony wall, you can repaint the part of the pot you are using. Use a different color in painting this pot to make it look more colorful and ready to be used as the focal point of the balcony room. Colorful Hanging Pots from @designcafe.dc

  1. Comfy Balcony Swing


Hanging a comfy daybed on the balcony is also nice to enjoy your leisure time. Providing the swing chair is a good idea and simple as well. Soft pillows make you want to linger on this balcony decoration. Daybed Swing Ideas from @buildinghiltonhouse_mjh


Add a sitting area to your balcony so you can use it to relax and enjoy free time after a day of activities. Using a sofa swing is the right idea, you can simply attach a hook to the balcony ceiling. Sofa Swing Ideas from @thelittledesignstory


Change your old balcony decoration with a more attractive appearance and also different from the others. Add macarame swings to the back of the sitting area on your balcony, this macarame swing can be an alternative when you are getting bored sitting in a chair. Macarame Swing Ideas from @artesting_official

  1. A Simple Privacy Balcony


Use frosted glass material for your balcony railing design for more privacy. And you can use this fence with a thicker size and material so that it doesn’t break easily when used for quite a long time. Glass Fences from @bana1


This balcony decoration with a modern look is quite closed and ready to be used as a private area that can be used as a gathering area with your family. Use only neutral color tones to make it easier for you when combining it with other furniture around it. Balcony Privacy with Modern Vibes from @inspo_interiors_design

  1. Vertical Garden


Brighten your balcony up by providing vertical garden on the wall so you’ll get fresh air during the day. Use wooden trellis to make it easier for you to display and hang some of the plant pots you have. Trellis Vertical Garden @dielenliebe


Bring natural freshness every time on your balcony by adding green plants. To make it easier for you to maintain, try to use a floating shelf that is mounted on the balcony wall, don’t hesitate to install a floating shelf with several levels so that it can accommodate many of your plant collections. Floating Shelves for Plants Display @ataleofhome


Pair a wall decor that is different from the others to make your balcony more attractive. Install a vertical plant wall decor on one side of the balcony wall, all you have to do is hang the pots containing the plants on an iron string. Vertical Plants Wall Decor @flatwithcat

  1. Coffe Table and Chairs for Enjoying the View


However, the benefit of the balcony has become a strategic space to enjoy the outside view. You can enjoy the scenery as far as your eyes can see, and you can get this while sitting relaxed on the balcony. Modern Balcony from @bakus_pakus


Using DIY furniture for a sitting area on the balcony will make the appearance more unique from balconies in general. Using DIY rattan furniture is an idea that you can try to fill the empty space on your balcony. DIY Rattan Furniture from @desousadecor


If you like a minimalist style in terms of balcony decoration, you can use folding chairs and tables as furniture in the balcony seating area. Even though it only has small legs, this furniture is strong enough to use. Folding Chairs and Tables from @konstantinasnest


Create a warm atmosphere on your balcony by presenting a bohemian style as a balcony decoration. Using rattan chairs, throw pillows with tassels at every corner, and white curtains on the outside of the balcony are enough to create a bohemian style on your balcony. Bohemian Vibes Furniture from @__e_l_w_i__


  1. Balcony Lighting



Easy and inexpensive lighting can be applied to your balcony decoration. One of them is the use of fairy lighting which can be tried on the ceiling with a neat arrangement and not too far away. Ceiling Fairy Lighting from @alectrum


The orange lighting in this balcony decoration seems warm and very inviting. You can use it with various types and different sizes. Apply evenly to get lighting to all corners of the balcony room. Orange Balcony Lighting from @luminous_terrace


This star-shaped lantern design is the right lighting choice for decorating your balcony. Use a lantern that is large enough to be used as an additional decoration for this balcony. DIY Lantern Stars from @balconyblog

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