Living in a crowded town sometimes makes you need to have enough space for relaxing when you back home to refresh your mind. Talking about relaxing space, the balcony can be one alternative for you to enjoy the view outside. If you have a narrow balcony, no need to be discouraged because you can still design it becomes a nice and comfortable place to take your time. Let’s Check the ideas!

  1. A Cozy Balcony

1. a cozy balcony

This is an interesting and easy idea to realize. Well, you can create your small balcony becomes a cozy place with a very comfortable bed and some cushions there.

  1. Artificial Grass on the Floor

2. grass

If your balcony is not wide, but elongated you can still make it becomes a nice balcony by providing artificial grass on the floor so it will create a natural atmosphere.

  1. Home Bar

3. home bar

The next interesting idea you can copy is home bar on the balcony. Providing wine cooler and wine glasses there really create a nice home bar.

  1. Elegant Balcony

4. cushion

Even your balcony can reflect your taste in home living. Soft colors and flowers will create an elegant impression on your balcony.

  1. Hanging Bell on the Balcony

5. bell

One of the very nice decorations to hang on the balcony is a cute bell. When It’s blown, it will create a pleasant sound.

  1. Comfy Swing Chair

6. comfy

Hanging a comfy chair on the balcony is also nice to enjoy your leisure time. Providing the swing chair is a good idea and simple as well.

  1. A Simple Bookcase on the Wall

7. bookcase

Reading your collection of favorite books on this weekend on the balcony is a nice idea. Moreover, the existence of the bookcase is not only benefit to store your books, but also can be an accessory.

  1. Vertical Garden

8. vertical garden

Brighten your balcony up by providing vertical garden on the wall so you’ll get fresh air during the day.

  1. Coffe Table and Chairs for Enjoying the View

9. enjoying view

However, the benefit of the balcony has become a strategic space to enjoy the outside view. You can enjoy the scenery as far as your eyes can see, and you can get this while sitting relaxed on the balcony.

  1. Bamboo Blinds

10. bamboo blind

A balcony with several windows will look more unique and beautiful if you provide bamboo blinds there. The blinds doesn’t only become a unique accessory but also help you to cover the windows when you want to reduce the light into the balcony.

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