Everybody needs privacy for their selves. Backyard is the place where we rest ourselves after working along day. But, we need a place which make us calm and relax without any nuisance from their surroundings. So, you need to have outdoor privacy screen to actualize your desire. Here are some outdoor privacy designs to try;

Artificial Hedge

Artificial hedge

Let’s make your house looks green by planting this grass as a hedge.  This private outdoor makes your house close to the nature. With this artificial hedge, you can spend more time with your family without feeling wonder by anything on the pathway.

Curtains Privacy Screen

Curtains privacy screen

Look at this beautiful cabana lounge design for your porch.  This idea gives you privacy and saves your from the sun. You are pleased to choose whatever the color you like. Match the curtain with the chair at your veranda.

Outdoor Privacy Screen from Greenery

Outdoor privacy screen from greenery

Green again! See this natural design for your outdoor space. Look at three pine trees there which makes you house look fresh and calm. Plants and trees are perfect combination to create privacy seating for your porch.

Large Pots and Plants

Large pots and plants

Using large pots to plant any flowers or trees at your outdoor is a good idea. It can utilize what inside your privacy location. Planting some fruits will give you more benefit. You can take fruit from your own garden and cover your private area as well.

Hedge Privacy Screen

Hedge privacy screen

These natural hedges minimize the use of wood and bricks. You can let this hedge grows higher or cut it whenever it too high according to your desire. By this style, you still have the chance to get sunshine in the morning to keep your environment healthy.

Aluminum Screen

Aluminum screen

Using aluminum and wood as the hedge for your garden and yard is brilliant idea. It keeps your privacy but not look cozy. Enjoy your evening by sitting at this place while reading your favorite magazine or talking with your family will be good idea.

Keep the Noise Out

Keep the noise out

Keep your house fresh and green with this outdoor design with more private area. You will not hear any noise out of your area because of the water fall inside this garden. Your children can play at this area safely anytime.

Mixed Materials Screen

Mixed materials screen

What cool outdoor design! Rest yourself after long day working at this lovely outdoor will be great idea. You don’t need to worry of your safety. The mixed material screen make this hedge can save your privacy.

Sliding Panels Privacy Screen

Sliding panels privacy screen

Sliding panels privacy screen make this outdoor more wonderful. The variety of color shows that this is a perfect design to utilize your pergola. Try this for your outdoor and let your life more cheerful by the colors of this unique design.


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