Balcony can be the place for somebody to rest their self after long day working at a crowded office. They want to feel calm and fresh by sitting at this place while seeing the beauty of the nature. If you want to change your balcony design to be more interesting you can choose one of these ideas. Here they are;

Pretty Porch-Sized Greenhouse

Pretty porch-sized greenhouse


Upgrade your balcony design by adding new features like a green vitrine. This glasshouse can be a place for saving your plant such as vegetables, fruits, or herbs. You can make it by yourself or buy the glasshouse at storage.

Herb Garden Coffee Table

Herb garden coffee table


Make your summer amazing by sitting at this beautiful design of balcony.  The role of herb garden coffee table is not only for planting herbs but also give your balcony more aesthetic values. It seems like you are at your own paradise.

Hang Up Pots of Herbs

Hang up pots of herbs


Hang some pots at balcony will make it fresh. It is one of the solutions for you who want to plant flowers but only have small space. What you need to have are only pots and hang it with simple step DIY hanging pots. Try this and upgrade your bacon easily.

Cozy Hanging Lounge Chair

Cozy hanging lounge chair


Let yourself enjoy the season by sitting at this cozy hanging lounge chair. It can be made by you with simple instruction. Even, a newbie in DIY project can make it easily. This swing chair will make you love any season.

Chunky Porch Pouf

Chunky porch pouf


Just imagine yourself sit on this porch pouf at your balcony.  This is a unique design that will upgrade your balcony more impressive. by this porch pouf, you can see the view around your house while enjoy the sunset.

DIY Antique Crate End Table



Adding antique crate end table for your balcony is great idea. This table can be used to save your herbs, flowers, or any other plants you have. The god news is you can make it by yourself. It doesn’t need more time and only require basic carpentry skill.

Cozy Seating Balcony

Cozy seating balcony


Super amazing seating at your balcony provides by this design. Take a look at the place where you can spend your leisure time by reading magazine or listening to the music you like while seeing the sunset this evening.

Cover Up the Concrete Floor

Cover up the concrete floor


Upgrading your balcony doesn’t mean have to change the furniture.  It can be done through replace the floor with the new design. Here, you can cover the concrete of your floor. It looks simple thing to do but will increase the entire view of it.

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