Balcony can be the place for somebody to rest their self after long day working at a crowded office. They want to feel calm and fresh by sitting at this place while seeing the beauty of the nature. If you want to change your balcony design to be more interesting you can choose one of these ideas. Here they are

Pretty Porch-Sized Greenhouse


Change the appearance of the balcony so that you always get freshness every time, an easy way you can do is to present plants on the balcony. To make it easier for you to care, you can place this plant in one organizer. Transparent glass cabinets are a solution so that plants can still get sunlight and make it easier for you to care because they are grouped in one place. Glass Greenhouse from @thegingellcats


Upgrade your balcony design by adding new features like a green vitrine. This glasshouse can be a place for saving your plant such as vegetables, fruits, or herbs. You can make it by yourself or buy the glasshouse at storage. Balcony Greenhouse from @noordinaryleaf

Plants Balcony Decoration


Hang some pots at balcony will make it fresh. It is one of the solutions for you who want to plant flowers but only have small space. What you need to have are only pots and hang it with simple step DIY hanging pots. Try this and upgrade your bacon easily. Set Greenery Layout from @interioryesplz


Don’t let the fence on your bolcony look empty, you can decorate it using green plants. You can attach pots that already contain green plants along your balcony railing, don’t forget to put green plants on both sides of the fence so that your balcony is more attractive. Green Plant Fence Decoration from @hyggeligt_hjem_


You can use various kinds of green plants to decorate the balcony in your home. The more types of plants you use, the more lively the atmosphere of the balcony will be, don’t give empty gaps, fill all the empty spaces on the balcony by using green plants. Not only on the floor, you can also use the ceiling to hang pots filled with green plants too. Use Different Kinds of Greenery from @the.chronic. yogis


Some potted plants and flowers that are hung on the wooden trellis are decorations that can be applied to this year’s balcony decorations. This is one of the activities that you can do easily and fun. Potted Greenery Trellis from @justyna_home_decor


The green plants that are applied to the balcony wall are the best background that you can try easily. Just install a pot rack with iron material to make it more sturdy and make it easier for you to hang the pot parts. Green Plant Wall Decoration from @flatwithcat

Cozy Porch Swing



Let yourself enjoy the season by sitting at this cozy hanging swing chair. It can be made by you with simple instruction. Even, a newbie in DIY project can make it easily. This swing chair will make you love any season. Rattan Swing from @anuhomebook


Look at this swing design with a wider and bigger surface, can’t it be used as a lying down area? You can add a few throw pillows for an extra warm accent that can be easily achieved. Swing as a Laying Area from @associates3interiordesign


The bohemian look on your balcony decoration can be perfected by using a macrame swing which can be perfected with green plants around it. This macrame swing is an additional piece of furniture besides chairs and coffee tables. Macrame Swing Design from @treasure__homes


Relaxing areas in this balcony decoration can be obtained easily when you use the right furniture. For example, you can use a sofa swing with soft cushions that can be hung using a strong rope. Sofa Swing Design from @jen.gonzales_realtor

Proper Lighting


This long string light can be used as the main lighting for your balcony decoration. Just install this lighting in the ceiling area with a neat and orderly arrangement. Ceiling String Light from @sarahrizvii


This string light, which comes in a variety of different colors, is an outdoor lighting idea that can be attached to your balcony decoration. Just install it on the fence in a neat arrangement, get this string light online at a low price. Colorful String Light from @my_homely_decor


Two large lanterns that are placed right next to the sofa are outdoor lighting that can be moved easily according to outdoor needs. The existence of a fireplace table is also able to add outdoor lighting, you can combine it properly and optimally. Lantern Lighting Ideas from @ingerliselille


There are many advantages that you can get from using fairy lighting in balcony decorations, one of which is easy installation. Just install and apply this fairy lighting to the fence evenly so that it can provide maximum outdoor lighting. Fairy Lighting on the Fences from @hippie.tribe


Warmer and more inviting lighting is candles. Use candles of various types and different shapes to be placed in the balcony area and can be turned on according to your needs, for example, you can use them to gather with friends. DIY Candle Lighting from @justyna_home_decor

Cozy Seating Balcony



Do you have pallet materials that are not in use? If you have it, you can reuse it as the main material for using balcony furniture, just turn it into a DIY sofa that saves more on your budget. DIY Pallet Seating Area from @sarahrizvii


Super amazing seating at your balcony provides by this design. Take a look at the place where you can spend your leisure time by reading magazine or listening to the music you like while seeing the sunset this evening. Natural Wood Seating Area from @danieltitchener


These two types of chairs with different materials can be placed in the balcony area together with a coffee table that has a sweet round shape. The chair that is used can be covered with a seat cushion to make it more comfortable when used throughout the day. Chairs with Small Coffee Table from @mieszkamnadrugim


No need to worry when you have a balcony decoration with limited space, because now you can use a folding furniture design that can be moved easily after using it. Folding chairs and tables with the main ingredients of wood and iron are a solid combination throughout the year. Folding Chair Ideas from @my_homely_decor


If you use balcony furniture with iron, it’s a good idea to repaint it with a choice of colors that can be adjusted. This repainting is done to minimize furniture from rusting easily due to extreme outdoor weather changes. Repainted Iron Chair from @puruhomeensemble

Cover Up the Balcony Floor



The rug layer on this balcony decoration has a neutral color that can be combined with the use of a matching colored linen sofa. This rug has a matching geometric pattern for an instant modern theme. It doesn’t quite end here, but the artificial grass layered part of the floor also has a softer surface. Geometric Rug Design from @kymppikerros


The runner rug design which is used as a layer for the balcony floor is suitable for use in winter so it has a warmer footbed surface. Complement this runner rug with some candle lighting for a more inviting outdoor setting. You can use a sitting area made of wood together with your family. Neutral Color Runner Rug from @soothingphotographs


If you apply a bohemian theme to the balcony decoration, then use a rug with an earth tone color. The use of this rug can be perfected with tassel accents and some throw pillows that have brown and white colors. Rugs will make your footwear feel warmer. Earth Tone Color Rug from @homebook.pl


Upgrading your balcony doesn’t mean have to change the furniture.  It can be done through replace the floor with the new design. Here, you can cover the concrete of your floor. It looks simple thing to do but will increase the entire view of it. Layered Rug Ideas from @iwona.jar

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