Wicker baskets are all time favorite go-to items and can be used throughout the house. These hard-working, multitaskers are not only a practical storage option, but they are also decorative and instantly add texture and lend a great tropical vibe to the home. No matter what type of natural materials are used to create wicker baskets, they’re awesome for decorative storage, and so versatile with many styles to choose from.

Easy Storage

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Using a rattan basket to store throws is a common practice. You can easily and quickly hide something when guests suddenly come and without much effort make it as part of the decor.

House Plant Holder

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You can hide them and make the look totally intentional by placing it in a narrow basket. If it is too deep, use some towels or newspaper to prop it up.

Wall Art

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Who says baskets have to be used for storage? If you want to incorporate a more global decor style into your home, traditional African baskets make for a great gallery wall above a sofa or in an entryway by adding your own personal touch.

Basket Shelves

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One of the biggest mistakes when decorating with baskets is forgetting to think vertically. Look for shallow baskets so they’re not top-heavy once hung. Not only in the bathroom, the idea of this shelf can also be brought in another room, living room for example.

Baskets On Bookshelves

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If you have a large bookcase, fill the bottom shelves with baskets. They can help to add visual weight if you have numerous small items and keep everything in balance. They also make the bookshelves become not monotonous and boring.

Kitchen Counter Basket

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Use a low, wide basket to keep all of those random spices and oils in order without hiding them from view. Line the bottom of the basket with a metal cookie sheet to making cleaning up inevitable spills easier.

Flower Vase

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Cute wicker planter basket brings spectacular hue in your home garden design. This basket serves as a hanging vase on your front door to welcoming your guests.

Bedside Storage

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The perfect solution for extra storage for your linens – baskets holding pillows, throws, and blankets are perfect for smart storage solutions and decorative accents. If you’re short on space, store these items in a basket underneath or at the foot of your bed.

Firewood Storage

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Using a wicker basket to store throws is a common practice, but have you thought about using one to store wood for your fireplace? Whether you prefer the log-carrier version for vertical logs or want a regular basket to load wood vertically, using a basket for firewood on your hearth is both pretty and practical.

Laundry Hampers

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You can placed your wicker baskets in the laundry room. They function as a dirty laundry container. You can separate the dirty clothes based on color, making it easier for you to do the laundry job.

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