Wicker baskets are all time favorite go-to items and can be used throughout the house. These hard-working, multitaskers are not only a practical storage option, but they are also decorative and instantly add texture and lend a great tropical vibe to the home. No matter what type of natural materials are used to create wicker baskets, they’re awesome for decorative storage, and so versatile with many styles to choose from.

Easy Storage


Beautiful in design, and organic, this entryway storage uses rattan baskets. Using it to store things there will give a neat entryway design and avoid clutter. Wicker Entryway Storage from @sixatno.5


Using a rattan basket to store throws is a common practice. You can easily and quickly hide something when guests suddenly come and without much effort make it as part of the decor. Wicker Storage from @treasures.trove.thrift


This woven basket applied to the living room manages to store various types of blankets and pillows easily. This will complete the look of the living room and successfully create a charming design. Wicker Basket from @rebekahsayer.interiors

House Plant Holder


The front porch decorated with green plants in matching rattan pots offers a natural touch to your entire terrace. Placing it in the corner of the terrace will also not interfere with traffic there. Wicker Potted from @natalka_rodriguez


You can hide them and make the look totally intentional by placing it in a narrow basket. If it is too deep, use some towels or newspaper to prop it up. Small Wicker Potted from @hasir_iran


This DIY wicker pot manages to balance the look. You can make it yourself to increase your creativity. Used to grow green plants, this will add to the aesthetic appearance of your home. DIY Wicker Potted from @jessklein18

Wall Art


A woven basket attached to the living room wall gives a different design to this home decor. Buying at this low price will also make the room beautiful and be able to provide a different design. Wiciker Baket Wall Art from @lannapassa


The rattan woven love shape that is applied on top of the headboard succeeds in giving the bedroom a beautiful appearance. Hanging on this wall will also create a different design and a unique look. Herat Shape Wicker Wall Art from @olimiajewellery


Incorporating a more global style of decor into your home, traditional African baskets make a great gallery wall above the sofa or in the entryway adding your own personal touch. Two Tone Wicker Wall Art from @citrine_artisan_boutique

Basket Shelves


One of the biggest mistakes when decorating with baskets is forgetting to think vertically. Look for shallow baskets so they’re not top-heavy once hung. Not only in the bathroom, the idea of this shelf can also be brought in another room, living room for example. Wicker Basket Shelves from @jennbunz12


These vertical wall-hung baskets successfully create neat bathroom storage. Used to store various toiletries and shampoos, it will spruce up the look. Wicker Shelves Bathroom from @home__by__eva

Baskets On Bookshelves



If you have a large bookshelf, fill the bottom shelf with baskets. They can help add visual weight if you have a lot of small items and keep everything in balance. Wicker Bookshelves from @2borganized


Wicker rattan makes bookshelves less monotonous and boring. You can use this basket to store various ornaments and items that are easy to find. Wicker Basket Bookshelves from @sosimplyinteriors

Kitchen Counter Basket


These fruit containers use wicker accents that will give your kitchen counter a natural look. In addition to this fruit bowl, you can add woven flower pots for maximum results. Basket Fruit from @minimalista.tt


Use baskets that are low and wide to store all of your cookware without hiding it from view. This idea is able to create a neat design and stay organized. Wicker Tray from @harperkitchens

Flower Vase



When we talk about neutral touches, rattan flower vase accents can be added to the décor. Used to place a variety of green plants, it will give your whole home a fresh look. Wicker Vases from @lindrothdesign


The perfect solution for beautiful home decor, you can use rattan vases. Adding a mason jar inside this wicker finish completes the perfect look of your decor. Wicker Flower Vases from @shopgrowandgather

Bedside Storage


This wicker table represents normal wear and tear for their age and can be used as a bedside table will make a unique look to your bedroom. Wicker Bedside from @katdrewdesigns


This table has an intricately woven material. You can apply this table next to the bed for a charming home design. Wicker Nightstand from @katdrewdesigns

Firewood Storage


Using wicker baskets to store firewood is a great storage option for you to try. Placing it next to the fireplace will also make it easier for you to find this firewood. Wicker Firewood from @thelightshed_jhb


Storage of firewood placed in this wicker basket will give a neat impression to the whole room. Wicker Basket Firewood from @llar_living

Laundry Hampers


You can placed your wicker baskets in the laundry room. They function as a dirty laundry container. You can separate the dirty clothes based on color, making it easier for you to do the laundry job. Wicker Basket Laundry Storage from @kouboodecor

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