Repurposing makes you more creative. It asks you to change an old thing to be something new which will be more useful. Here, you need to have DIY basic skill. Rather than throwing your old goods, it will better to repurpose them into something new isn’t it? Here are some repurposing inspiration for you to try;

Kids’ Craft Table from a Crib

Kids’ craft table from a crib


Repurpose a crib into an incredible kid’s craft table is brilliant idea. Put the chalkboard at the top and make some touches that will make it awesome. So, if your crib is no longer used, it will be better for you to change it as kids’ craft table like this.

Hutch from an Old TV

Hutch from an old tv


This project will ask you to move out the TV machine inside. It can be dangerous, so you need to be careful.  After moving the machine, you are pleased to paint it with another color such as white, black, or yellow.

Bookshelf Storage Bench

Bookshelf storage bench


Turning a bookshelf into a bench will not be hard thing anymore. So, you are pleased to make this bench with little bit creativity. This furniture looks wonderful to be placed at your living room. Add some pillows will make it more cheerful.

Play Kitchen from A TV Unit

Play kitchen from a tv unit


Rather than buy a new kitchen play for your daughter, repurposing your old TV unit become kitchen play will be better idea. You don’t have to spend more money because you can make it by yourself. Your girl will be surprised because of the project you have done.

Grand Piano Bookshelf

Grand piano bookshelf


Change your old piano become something useful such as bookshelf. You need to have basic carpentry skill to do this project. Though it need more time to repurpose old piano become bookshelf, but the result will be astounding.

Ladder Towel Rack

Ladder towel rack


This is super easy project at home. You only need to paint the ladder and lay it on the wall. Save your towel at each stair. This ladder tower rack doesn’t need more space. just try this excellent idea for your bathroom.

Bicycle Sink

Bicycle sink


What a brilliant idea for a lovely bathroom! This beautiful and unique hand-crafted sink is made from bicycle. Even, this unique furniture add by hand towel basket as well. Do you want to adopt this idea? You need to get some people help to do this project.

Hanging Chair Closet Organizer

Hanging chair closet organizer


Do you need more storage but don’t have time to look for it? This hanging chair closet may be the best idea to try. You only have to hang your chair on the wall. To make more beautiful, it will better for you to paint it first. Now, you can save your goods on it, even hang some cloths too.

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