As the boho trend has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years, rattan is enjoying a comeback on the design frontlines. Often available at very reasonable price points, rattan decor are versatile enough to work with a variety of different design styles. You can find both vintage and modern pieces, either of which would easily fit into your home. Here is a collection of great interior decorating ideas that can inspire you to use rattan furniture for your home interiors, creating light and stylish room decor with beautiful and eco friendly furniture that add a unique texture to your home.

Lighting Fixture


This artistic rattan pendant lamp is beautiful and contemporary. Mounting it right on this dining table will create a more classy look and natural touch. Rattan Pendant Light from @hasir_rattan_uretim


Rattan lamp Adds a new dimension to any room and can casually bring that tropical or beach feel you want in your home right down to the roof. They come in Chanedlier styles which will give a different design to every room Rattan Chandelier from @lisagilmoredesign


This rattan drum lamp placed above the kitchen island is perfect for this beautiful kitchen. Ratan has a natural touch and will give your home a prettier and more charming decoration. Rattan Drum Light from @living_lighting_inc



The designs are beautiful, organic and fresh. This bedroom headboard has an interesting appearance to look at. These sheets will also give a natural touch to the whole room. Rattan Headboard from @harvestdesignliving


This bedroom has rattan accents which will give the room a natural design. You can apply it on the headborad to make a charming room decoration. Rattan Bedroom from @beach_life_living


This rattan nightstand has a natural look and a different design. Besides the nightstand, you can add a rattan basket for a charming look. Rattan Nightstand from @homeessentialsshop

Dining Room


These rattan accents add tropical charm to your dining room. Applying this dining table and chandelier set is great for a room filled with modern furniture. Rattan Dining Room from @boho.in.your.home


These chairs give the dining room a very comfortable and inviting look. Use rattan chairs to add warmth into a white decor kitchen. Very simple but very effective. Rattan DIning Chair from @boho.in.your.home


This home gives you enough natural touches for an appealing look. Using a touch of rattan in this dining room furniture and pendant lamp is a sophisticated and charming design. Rattan Furniture from @boho.in.your.home

Living Room


If you want, you can decorate the living room with rattan furniture too. Implemented on a coffee table this gives a great look for a beach house or if you want something light and simple. Rattan Coffee Table from @ballarddesigns


This can be done as easily as replacing your wooden chair with a comfortable wicker and pouf. It brings a beautiful home decor idea and natural touch to the whole room. Rattan Chair and Pouf from @dilly.shack


The rattan finish in this storage basket adds a natural feel and an inviting look to your entire home. Buying these cheap won’t cost much and will result in a charming room décor. Rattan Basket Storage from @dekozauber_im_altbau

Wall Decor


The rattan design on this wall has succeeded in stealing the attention of everyone who comes. You can apply it to a wall hanger which will serve as a storage place for coats or bags to make your home more attractive. Rattan Wall Hook from @rustandrubies


This Rattan wall decor manages to steal the eyes of everyone who enters this home office. Laying right on the desk is a great option that you can try now. This is how small parts can make a big impact on the whole room. Rattan Wall Decor from @com/ournixnest


Adding a rattan basket attached to the wall can create a great room look for you to try. These woven trays and baskets make the perfect centerpiece. Rattan Basket Wall Decor from @dors________

Cozy Corner


If we talk about neutral touches, this rattan accent chair will give the whole room a comfortable impression. Equipped with several pillows and blankets will also warm your body. Rattan Chair from @dekozauber_im_altbau


Adding a rattan chair that is placed in the corner of this house can create a comfortable impression to spend time while reading. Rattan Chair Nook from @romley_home


Hanging rattan chairs are not just for the corner of the house. You can create your own quiet corner with this hanging chair. This will be your main destination to relax by reading your favorite book. Rattan Swing Nook from @almahomevintage

Rattan Porch


This rattan chair placed on the terrace of the house is a brilliant idea for you to try now. this material will last a long time and will give the whole room a natural touch. Rattan Porch from @casa.tosca


Open space is the right place to introduce wicker or rattan. The great thing about rattan is that it looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors. Rattan Chair Porch from @dutchguy84

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