As a storage space, shelves is useful enough. And another good one is that they can also transform your boring, blank wall into a great display. You can use it to store your stuff or even show off your collection there. Check out these 7 cheap and easy DIY shelves that you can do at home below.

1. DIY Hanging Belt Shelf

All you need is just a wood board and suede belt, and this stunning shelf is ready to beautify your blank space.

2. Cheese Box Shelf

You can create any object that you can found at home into something useful. For example, this project is turning a cheese box into an adorable shelf.

3. Wood Shelf

This shelf is using a tree trunk that maybe you can found in the park or your own garden. So rustic!

4. Re-purpose a Set of Dresser Drawers

Do not throw away your dresser drawers, hang them on the wall and adorable box shelves is on your hand.

5. Narrow Wood Box into a Shelf

Keep your eyes peeled for bulk trash days in your local area and probably you are lucky enough to find a narrow wood box, so you can transform it into a smart shelf for your blank wall.

6. Craft Boxes Shelves

Create this stunning shelving display using customizable papier-mâché boxes. This project is insanely easy to make. You can use your creativity here by placing them into a shape; hexagonal shape craft boxes shelves.

7. Apple Crates Shelves

If you need an extra closet for your clothes, this project is great for you.

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