As a storage space, shelves is useful enough. And another good one is that they can also transform your boring, blank wall into a great display. You can use it to store your stuff or even show off your collection there. Check out these 7 cheap and easy DIY shelves that you can do at home below.

1. DIY Hanging Belt Shelf


All you need is a wooden plank and a suede belt, and this beautiful shelf is ready to decorate your empty space. When used to store various ornaments, it manages to create a neat space design. DIY Belt Shelf from @scout.interior.design


Belt racks are the right choice for storage ideas in your home so that they save more space. You can use it to store ornaments and greenery in a vase giving it a charming design. Belt Shelf from @goatriverfolkart

2. Cheese Box Shelf


To appear rustic on this open shelf, you can use recycled materials. This cheese box will give a different look and a unique design to the walls of your home. Rustic Cheese Box Shelf from @mrsdecorllc


These cheese boxes made from scrap materials make a great home decor on a budget. Used to store various kinds of ornaments, it manages to give different designs. DIY Cheese Box Shelf from @makerymavenco


You can create any object that you can found at home into something useful. For example, this project is turning a cheese box into an adorable shelf. Cheese Box Shelf from @rescapedotcom

3. Wood Shelf



This shelf uses tree trunks you can probably find in your own garden or garden. Used to store various kinds of ornaments will give your home a different look. Wood Shelf from @aiinteriorconcept


This geometric wooden shelf has a sleek look and will make a distinctive design on the walls of your home. You can make it yourself and use it to store greenery in a glass vase to make it look attractive and stylish. Geometric Wood Shelf from @realhappyspace

4. Re-purpose a Set of Dresser Drawers


Don’t throw away your dresser drawers, hang them on the wall and have a beautiful box shelf in your hands. Used to store napkins, will spruce up the look of your home kitchen. Drawer Shelf from @knickoftimeinteriors


Using an unused drawer you can turn it into a great wall shelf. Placing it on the wall manages to spruce up the appearance and make your bathroom tidier and more organized. DIY Drawer Shelf from @knotinmywood

5. Sleek Shelf


You can complete this modern kitchen design with thin shelves made of marble. This design is suitable for you to try because it has the same appearance as your home’s backsplash. Sleek Marble Shelf from @surface1pelham


This sleek wooden shelf is perfect for your modern home design. Used to store various kinds of green plants, this successfully makes a fresh and cool home decoration. Sleek Wooden Shelf from @th_custom_woodwork

6. Craft Boxes Shelves


Create this stunning shelf display using pink painted squares. This project is very easy to make. You can use your creativity here by combining them. You can use this box shelf to store various kinds of decorations. Pink Box Shelf from @woodencrafts_20

7. Apple Crates Shelves


Pink Crate Shlef from @diy.library


To maximize storage space on your entryway, try using wooden crates. Used to store various kinds of shoes, it will take up space. You can choose a shelf made of wood to make it stronger. Crate Shoes Storage from @wildmaggnolia


If you need additional cupboards for your storage, this project is for you. Choosing shelving from these chests gives your home a rustic look. Rustic Crate Storage from @evergreenacresfarm


You can make shelves out of wooden crates for storage ideas in your home. Used to store various kinds of green plants, it will be more practical and can maximize space in your room. Crate Shelf Storage from @houseplantcetra


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