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10 Summer Wreaths Design Ideas to Liven Up Your Front Door

Everyone loves wreaths. This is another great ways to beautify your space effortlessly. You can simply hang it on the wall, on the door, or above your fireplace. Making wreath is so easy and fun. And many of it are ideal for every season. Because summer is almost coming, check out these 10 summer wreath design ideas to liven up your front door below to inspire you.

1. Hanging Basket Wreath

This project is made from an old wicker basket. All you gotta do is hang the wicker basket full of fresh bloom to your front door. So easy.

2. Wagon Wheel Wreath

Turn your old wagon wheel into a wagon wheel wreath. Put some flowers and leaves to get this beautiful farmhouse decor theme to your front door.

3. Monogrammed Wreath

Show off your family name by hanging a monogrammed wreath to your front door. All you need is only a floral wire, foam, pin, flowers and other greenery.

4. Oversized Wreath

Instead of as a front door decor, wreath is also can cover up any damaged. For example, this plant-filled DIY wreath is made to covered the damage and as you can see in the picture above, the result is so lovely.

5. DIY Summer Lemon Wreath

Making a wreath project is not always about colorful flower. For example, you can also add faux lemon in it.

6. Cupcake Liner Wreath

If you still have so many cupcake liners at home, this cupcake liner wreath project is perfect for you. You can also buy it at store. This project is absolutely creative, easy and cheap.

7. DIY Summer Wreath

If you already have your summer wreath, attach a wooden greeting to welcome guests before they knock the door; hi sign.

8. DIY Driftwood Wreath

If you have a plan to go to the beach when summer, gather some driftwood and turn it into this DIY driftwood wreath. Just spray the driftwood with your favorite color and your summer wreath is ready.

9. DIY ‘Fixer Upper’ Magnolia Wreath

Turn the magnolia leaves into this simple wreath.

10. Tulip Wreath

Pick your tulip and arrange them into this lovely wreath. For a more last longer one, you can replace the fresh flowers into the faux one.

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