Everyone loves wreaths. This is another great way to beautify your space effortlessly. You can simply hang it on the wall, on the door, or above your fireplace. Making a wreath is so easy and fun. And many of them are ideal for every season. Because summer is almost coming, check out these 10 summer wreath design ideas to liven up your front door below to inspire you.

1. Hanging Basket Wreath

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Instead of as a front door decor, wreath is also can cover up any damaged. For example, this plant-filled DIY basket wreath is made to covered the damage and as you can see in the picture above, the result is so lovely. Colorful Basket Wreath from @chunkapookiecreations2019

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This project is made from an old wicker basket. All you gotta do is hang the wicker basket full of fresh bloom to your front door. So easy. Hydrangea Basket Wreath from @modernglamhome

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Greet your guests with a wreath. This time you can use a basket strung together with flowers to make a wreath to decorate your front door. Also add a sunhat accent so it will make it look perfect in summer. Summer Basket Wreath from @laurenashleytay

2. Wagon Wheel Wreath

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Turn your old wagon wheel into a wagon wheel wreath. Put some flowers and leaves to get this beautiful farmhouse decor theme to your front door. Flower and Wagon Wheel Wreath from @doordecor1

8 snapinsta.app_30591542_374342763067287_4999340863097143296_n_1080

Arranging flower arrangements using wooden wagon and flowers will create very beautiful works. Hanging it on the front door will make your summer decoration look more beautiful and festive. Sunflower and Wagon Wreath from @creativewreathdesign

3. Lemon Wreath

4 snapinsta.app_92809713_228378991563426_8812569661682699767_n_1080

Making a wreath project is not always about colorful flower. For example, you can also add faux lemon in it. Lemon and Leaves Wreath from @shopiveylane

5 snapinsta.app_168968725_2190944597708067_1122227182872723068_n_1080

Talking about summer wreaths, this time you can make wreaths using lemons, flowers and bows so they will look pretty. Add a small sign on the wreath so it will make it the perfect greeter. Fresh Lemon Wreath from @carrieswreathcreations

6 snapinsta.app_52308700_405754643491958_6455870105533559462_n_1080

Perfect ! This wreath is made using faux lemon and leaves so that it always looks fresh and durable. Hanging in the front door area will make your front door decoration look prettier and inspire. Faux Lemon Wreath from @west_barn


4. Watermelon Wreath

9 napinsta.app_172928284_144793214183947_8414618807142946168_n_1080

Look at this one wreath! Looks festive isn’t it. This Wreath has a watermelon theme and is made using ribbon to make it look so beautiful. The sign accent in the middle of this wreath will add to the perfection. Ribbon Watermelon wreath from @craftymacs2019

10 snapinsta.app_214358613_256206009185740_5029385190182383570_n_1080

Using watermelon wreath for summer decoration ideas is an idea that will never fail. This time you can make it yourself using wooden slice material. Use green, black, red and white paint to make this wreath so it will make it look real. Hanging watermelon wreath from @hillbillyhandcrafted

11 snapinsta.app_10254211_223725201171567_2082073133_n_1080

This wreath was made as a DIY project and has a watermelon theme making it perfect for summer decor. Made using tulle material will make it look beautiful and attractive. Therefore you will never fail to use it for summer decoration. Tule Wreath from @reflectionsofyouhomeanddesign

5. DIY Sea Shell Wreath

13 snapinsta.app_274193032_752336659074993_5152676895628595490_n_1080

This time you can use shells to make wreaths. Here it’s not just shells, you can combine driftwood, shells, starfish and others to make wreaths so it will look more festive. Mix Sea shell wreath from @afterlucienne

14 snapinsta.app_10611284_270363129837004_584362782_n_1080

You can never fail to make a DIY wreath to complete your summer decor in your home. This time you can use white shells to make wreaths. Then hang it on the front door so it will be the perfect greeter. White Sea shell Wreath from @capecodsoycandle

6. Cupcake Liner Wreath

12 snapinsta.app_13249834_575599689287910_217814124_n_1080

If you still have so many cupcake liners at home, this cupcake liner wreath project is perfect for you. You can also buy it at store. This project is absolutely creative, easy and cheap. Cupcake Wreath from @purelykatiehome

7. DIY Flip Flop Wreath

15 snapinsta.app_61388157_353076118744602_5986530743064348127_n_1080

Look at this one summer wreath. Made using flip flop material will make it look creative and inspiring. Having a colorful combination, makes it successful in presenting a festive look. Colorful Flip Flop Wreath from @kristieubanks

16 snapinsta.app_288313126_356765796563454_2645885746799510223_n_1080

This time you can string flip flops into a summer wreath. Choose a flip flop that has a lemon theme so it will look very attractive. Also add a lemonade ornament in the center of the wreath so it will look amazing. Lemon Flip Flop Wreath from @uniquecolorsancrafts

8. DIY Driftwood Wreath

17 snapinsta.app_62248706_938036206536700_7272136585948426284_n_1080

If you have plans to hit the beach in the summer, collect some driftwood and turn them into this DIY driftwood wreath. Just spray add blue stone accents and your summer bouquet is ready. Driftwood Wreath with Blue Stone from @mainesaltygirl

18 snapinsta.app_33470040_455344518224163_3747700153667026944_n_1080

You can never fail to use driftwood to make summer wreaths. This time you can assemble it yourself and decorate it with succulent so it will look fresh and extraordinary. Driftwood and Succulent Wreath from @kristina_at_home

9. DIY ‘Fixer Upper’ Magnolia Wreath

19 snapinsta.app_316367023_706334477460515_542900307418489763_n_1440

Turn magnolia leaves into this simple wreath. This time you can string it together and add a floral accent to this magnolia wreath so it will look attractive. Magnolia Wreath with Flower Accent from @vignettedesign

20 snapinsta.app_317290125_5031009840335800_70099101899426365_n_1080

You can never fail to use wreaths for summer front door decoration ideas. This time you can string together green and brown magnolias to make a wreath so it will bring out a beautiful look. Green and Brown Magnolia wreath from @forageandgrowdesigns

10. Sunflower Wreath

21 snapinsta.app_90323984_513245719389971_6287215788665193895_n_1080

Pick your sunflowers and arrange them into this beautiful bouquet. To make it last longer, you can replace fresh flowers with fake flowers. Add a bow to make it look pretty. Sunflower Wreath with Bow from @eci1981

22 snapinsta.app_174620905_357698199003444_4830725621316935681_n_1080

This is a creative and inspirational sunflower wreath. Made using brown and yellow burlap material that makes it look real. Hanging it on your front door will be the perfect welcome in summer. Burlap Sunflower Wreath from @sentimentaldecor

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