Drawer may be one of the most important storage. It used for saving some tiny items just like pencils, pins, paper clips, scissors, and other utensils. Sometimes, it become looks like a junk drawer. So, it will be better for you to organize your drawers to avoid clutter. Here are some examples;

Dividing the Drawer

Dividing the drawer

By dividing the drawer you have, you can make it tidier. Just use simple cartoon or other thick paper you have. Make sure to label it based on each kind of good you have just like, all the things related to camera, piano, computer, smart phone or any stuffs.

Using Drawing Pins

Using drawing pins

Buy the drawing pins at craft storage near your house. It can help you to minimize or even avoid clutter on your drawer. Just put your stuff at the proper drawing pins and don’t make it messy. It should be one drawing pin for one kind.

Old Muffin Pans

Old muffin pans

Old Muffin Pans also can help you to organize your goods. It can be used to hold some thumbtacks, paper clips and other tiny items with tidy. Your drawer will look more organized by using these old muffin pans. Then, it minimizes your budget.

Cardboard Bottle Divider

Cardboard bottle divider

Using cardboard bottle divider helps you to organize your drawer well. It is not only look tidier but also wonderful pattern of divider. You are pleased to put on any tiny items at this drawer which are easy to find whenever you need it.

Ice-Cube Trays

Ice-cube trays

Putting an ice cube trays for saving your tiny items is good idea. It doesn’t require much budget and easy to adopt in every drawers you have. Ice cube trays become one of the solutions to you who hate clutter.

Save the Drawers

Save the drawers

Whenever you have some old cloth that hasn’t want to be thrown, you just have to put it on the corner if the drawer.  It keeps the storage and still allows you to put other cloths on the drawers.

Using a Cutlery Tray

Using a cutlery tray

Organize your office-supply on the drawer by using a cutlery tray.  Put similar items in one part to make it easy to be found whenever you need it someday. Whether pencils, pens, pins, or any other tiny items related to office-supply.

Line Drawers with Wallpaper

Line drawers with wallpaper

It makes your drawer looks more stunning. Moreover, by using wallpaper for the drawer you will be easy to clean it. There will be no small items that stack in the corner.


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