10 diy that you can make for your kid's bedroom

Kids are the angel of our family. That is why many parents will do anything to please them, and one of it is give them their own bedroom. When decorating their space, creativity and effort is needed. For the material of the furniture, wood is the best one. Make sure that the furniture does not have sharper edges. Give their space a fresh feeling and play with the color combination. Now check out these 10 DIY that you can make for your kid’s bedroom to get the best space that will pleasant your kid below.

1. DIY Plush Animal Mat

Diy plush animal mat


Give your kid an adorable plush animal mat for them to play on the floor. With a bit of sewing, you can make an animal rug out of furry tan fabric and some upholstery fringe.

2. DIY House Bed

Diy house bed


This clever DIY bed is perfect, as it can be used as a play house during the day. It’s also a clever twist on the traditional canopy bed and will look great in any kid’s room.

3. DIY Neon Animal Wall Hooks

Diy neon animal wall hooks


Add some extra space by making this project. Prepare a wood and glued some plastic animal toys as a hooks to store their clothes or bags on the wall.

4. DIY Wood Toy Bins

Diy wood toy bins


Make this bins from wood and you can use it to store their toy in a stylish way.

5. DIY Toddler Table

Diy toddler table


Make this project, so your kid can play around with friends in their own space.

6. DIY Giant Chalkboard

Diy giant chalkboard


If your kids love to draw, this project is the best for them instead of drawing on the wall, everywhere.

7. DIY Toy Storage Crates

Diy toy storage crates


Do not throw away the crates. Paint them into something cute and use them as your kid’s toy storage.

8. DIY Framed Candy

Diy framed candy


Beautify the wall with this easy but cute framed candy.

9. DIY Rocking Sheep

Diy rocking sheep


Give a fresh look to IKEA’s rocking moose by turning it into a furry rocking sheep instead.

10. DIY Kid’s Art Display

Diy kid's art display


Appreciate your kid’s art by making this DIY project. Hang a rope on the wall and use a clothes pin to hang the art.

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