If you want to update your space in an easy and cheap ways, adding a rug is the perfect for you. For example, if you want to make your space appear smaller, choose rug with dark color, and light colors do the opposite. Consider the rug size. Do not get in the rug that is too small. Be sure to check out the rug sized guide before you choose.

If you decided to mix your rug, stick it with the same color palette, but change the design. There are a lot of color and design of rugs nowadays, so choose the one that is suitable for your space. But if you think that you are creative enough to make it on your own, check out this easy DIY rugs to update your home below.

1. DIY Faux Fur Rug

Diy faux fur rug


All you need is a rug underlay, a piece of faux fur cut to the size of the rug you wish to make, some Velcro and hot glue, and this luxury rug will add softness and beautiful texture to your room.

2. DIY Navy And White Kitchen Rug

Diy navy and white kitchen rug


Transform a small sisal rug with a bit of paint and fabric medium into a stylish navy and white kitchen rug to add a punch of color and pattern to your home.

3. DIY Arrowhead Rug

Create this beautiful rug with some latex paint, painter’s tape and a blank rug.

4. DIY Diagonal Striped Rug

Make this beautiful rug by masking off diagonal stripes and applying a few coats of spray paint.

5. DIY Stenciled Damask Rug

Reuse one of the stencils from your last craft project to update a rug to create a sunny yellow damask rug for your bathroom.

6. DIY West Elm Inspired Rug

Create this geometric pattern rug with a bit of paint and a Sharpie marker.

7. DIY Zebra Rug

Creating your own zebra pattern stencil out of wax paper and dabbing your paintbrush to paint grey stripes on an inexpensive off-white rug.

8. DIY Rope Rug

Add a punchy ropy rug to your home by covering a 1/4″ clothesline with 4 different patterned fabrics and assembling it all together to create a circle rug.

9. Glam DIY Gold Zebra Rug

All you need is some some white upholstery vinyl and a gold leaf pen to make this killer gold zebra hide rug.

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