10 Washi tape Ideas to Style your Personal Items


Washi tape is usually made from natural bamboo fiber or Mitsumata shrub native to Japan. Because of its natural fiber, Washi tape is unique and interesting. Moreover, the way in using Washi tape is so easy. That’s why it’s so nice to style your personal item to be prettier. There are various of designs and colors that you can use to style anything such as your mobile phone, notebook, presents, etc. Now, just scroll down to find the cute ideas!

  1. As a Bookmark

1. bookmark
Source : Pinterest

The first idea that might inspire you in using Washi tape is as a very useful bookmark.

  1. Nice Envelopes with Washi Tape

2. envelope
Source : Pinterest

A plain white envelope will be prettier when you style it with Washi tape in simple design and soft colors.

  1. Notebook Mark

3. notebook
Source : Pinterest

There are some important events that you have to mark on your notebook. One way is to stick colorful Washi tape on it is useful to help you.

  1. DIY Pencil Box with Washi Tape

4. pencil box
Source : DIY Project

Just be creative with tape roller and make it as a cute pencil box which you can do by yourself in a simple way.

  1. Book Cover and Mobile Phone

5. book cover and phone
Source : DIY Project for Teens

Its color is cute and easy to paste anywhere. so pretty to style your plain book cover or your mobile phone.

  1. Beautiful Jars

6. jars
Source : Pinterest

Jars not only functions to store snacks or blooms, but also can be a beautiful decoration on the corner table when you style it with a pretty design of Washi tape.

Washi roll
Source : Sticky Finger Art Supply Company
  1. Cute Binder Clips

7. binder clips
Source : DIY Project

Styling your boring binder clips with Washi tape is a nice idea to do. the activity is fun and you’ll get some cute binder clips on your desk.

  1. Room Decor

8. on the wall
Source : Pinterest

Washi tape is also nice to apply to your wall as the bedroom decor. You can choose three or more colors to stick to get nice decor on the wall.

  1. Sunglasses

9. sunglasses
Source : Mom and Crafters

To get a trendy sunglasses, you can also style the handle by using Washi tape so it looks more interesting.

  1. Gift Wrapping

10. gift wrapping
Source : Mashable

When you need to style your present wrap, it’s nice to stick Washi tape on it to make it more attractive and cute.

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