Have you ever heard that a simple decorating can makes your bedroom more impressive? By adding a makeup vanity set on your bedroom, you will be easier to change your face look like what you want. Here, you are free to express your personality in term of makeup. Then, here are some makeup vanity design ideas for your inspiration;

Copper Glint Makeup Vanity

Copper glint vanitiy

With dashing mirror lay on the wall which brings a touch of copper glint for your modern style bedroom. It looks more stunning added by a vase. This a perfect place for you to touch up your face make it more shiny today. Get ready to face the world!

Modern Chic Bedroom Makeup Vanity


Look at this amazing makeup vanity style which looks like in a Hollywood movie. With dazzling mirror above, this bedroom seems modern. You are easy to put your entire makeup utensil at the drawers which are easy to reach whenever you need.

Bespoke Makeup Vanity

Bespoke make up vanity

A unique makeup vanity which will help to keep all accessories you have. This place looks elegant and beautiful. What you need to have is a large bedroom to make a bespoke makeup vanity like this. Now, you can use your makeup utensil as much as you need and change your appearance.

Small Floating Makeup Vanity


White makeup vanity will be more elegant for a modern room style. This also makes your room looks larger than the truly size. Two mirrors help you to be easier in preserving yourself for your performance today. This looks more valuable for you who are busy with your activities.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeup Vanity


This is a great modern style for your room. Adopting this makeup vanity doesn’t require larger room. Even if you only stay at an apartment, this vanity make style can be applied as well. Just try this style for your bedroom soon and see how your favorite room to be.

Slim and Stylish Bedroom Vanity


Bring Hollywood regency style for your makeup vanity through this style. It looks modern, luxurious, and elegant for your bedroom. You will feel like a superstar sit on the chair in front of the fabulous mirror. Prepare yourself to go party at this place is the best idea.

Textured Finish Adds Elegance Makeup Vanity

Textured-finish-adds-elegance -makeup-vanity

Here is once more a modern makeup vanity for you. This fashionable set of makeup vanity brings a different look for your bedroom design. You will be easy to move this makeup vanity set if you want to decorate your bedroom later on.

Strattenborough Makeup Vanity

Strattenborough makeup vanity

Make your room be more chic and glossy with mirror for Wayfair. With simple style and set, this Strattenborough makeup vanity gives you a deluxe room look. Let your face more charming after touching by makeup at this room.


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