Pinata is a container made of paper-mâché, pottery, or cloth. It is decorated and filled with small toys or candy, or even both, and someone will break it, so the thing inside is to fall down and others will take it. This is a part of the celebration, and many people also including pinata as one of their games at the party that they hold. If you are interested to make it for your own party, check out these 10 DIY pinata below to inspire you.

1. Paper Bag Pinata

Paper bag pinata


Grab a paper bag, some tissue paper, and various tools to put this incredibly easy pinata together in less than an hour.

2. DIY Donut Pinata

Diy donut pinata


This huge pinata can be made in one day with inexpensive materials such as cardboard and multicolored crepe paper to make a spectacular party game where everyone can take turns smashing the donut with a stick.

3. DIY Unicorn Pinata Makecover

Update your standard horse pinata by adding additional crepe paper over the existing pinata to redecorate it to look like a unicorn instead for your party.

4. DIY Emoji Pinata

To personalize the pinata, use emoji facial expression to decorate the box.

5. DIY Shooting Star Pinata

DIY Shooting Star Pinata


Unlike traditional pinatas this one is easy to open, just pull the string below the shooting star and the candy inside the pinata will rain down onto the floor.

6. DIY Heart Pinata

This DIY scalloped heart pinata with copper, gold and silver metallic detailing will be a hit at your party.

7. DIY Tropical Drink Pinata

This giant tropical drink pinata would be a fun surprise at your next summer party. Just make sure you have plenty of candy handy as there is plenty of space inside this huge pinata so that everyone can get handfuls of candy once it has been opened.

8. DIY Ice Cream Cone Pinata

DIY Ice Cream Cone Pinata


Everyone loves ice cream and this party pinata would make the perfect centerpiece at your sweets tables at your party.

9. DIY Lipstick Pinata

DIY Lipstick Pinata


This giant lipstick is easy to make. Only with with red, gold and black crepe paper. The completed lipstick pinata also happens to make an amazing prop for selfies or group photos at the party!

10. DIY Pinata Garland

DIY Pull Pinata Garland


String up a bunch of mini pinatas to make a brightly hued garland to decorate for any celebration.

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