Front Porch is the first place where your guest step their foot at your house part. Here, you can welcome them with glorious porch design to show your personality and character. When you only have small porch, means that you have to be more creative in designing it. Here are some inspirations for you;


Dark Singled Style

Dark Shingled style

This is one of porch style that may be applied by a house with dark shingled style. Some wood or reclaimed wood pieces show that this house looks glamour even only small. A chair with red color also makes it more astounding.

Apply Light Fixtures and Planters

Apply ligh fixtures and planters

Small porch with white red makes this house looks cheerful add by light fixtures and planters with same color. This is good to be applied at a traditional or modern house. Your small porch will be eye catching with bright color like red, yellow, or orange.

Right Color for Front Door

Right color for front door

If your house wall painted in dark color, it will be better for you to choose bright color for your door. It will seem like a crown on the head. So, your porch will be looked shiny even from far distance. It shows your house existence.

Flower on Front Porch

Flower on front porch

Putting some pots with different flowers also give more aesthetic value for your porch. It deals with many colors on it which show natural beauty. Adding some pumpkin is great idea since it has become a popular porch design.

Container Trees for Porch

Container trees for porch

Though you only have small porch, you are free to plant some tress at it. Choose the suitable trees for your porch by considering the size of them. It looks more impressive when you add lantern on the wall to give light at night.

Add Welcome Rug

Add welcome rug

By giving welcome rug in front of the door, it will change your porch look. But, make sure you choose the unique design to attract your guest view. Make it natural just like a welcome rug which made from pebble or other.

Black and White Theme

Black and white theme

Using black and white color for your front porch is great idea. Those colors are neutral to be used in any house styles. You can combine it with other furniture which can be put on your porch such as chair, desk, or many more.

Canvas Prints on the Wall

Canvas prints on the wall

Several canvas prints on the wall will give your porch more interesting look. With those canvas prints you show that you love art. Just choose some canvas prints and apply on your front porch to give different look.

Add Wreath on the Door

Add wreath on the door

Adding wreath on the door is brilliant idea. It is not only eye catching, but also look artistic. If you want to apply this design for your front porch, just make sure you choose the best design which is suitable or your door.

Grow Some Herbs

Grow some herbs

Growing some herbs will be a nice choice for your porch. They are not only useful plants but also beautiful. Bring green to your porch and make it look fresh.


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