Wood wall art work will be a trend for beautifying your home. By its neutral color, it can be put on any wall color. You can make it by yourself or buy at the nearest store on your city. Here are some artistic wood wall art designs to be put on your style for inspiring you;

Stylish Wood Wall Art Decor

Stylish wood wall art decor

Stylish wood wall art decor used the best wood to make this beautiful art work. You are also please to choose another pint out just like flower or tree. It looks wonderful to be put on your wall and will change your room atmosphere.

Eco-friendly Wood Wall Art


Make this Eco-friendly wood wall art this weekend with your partner. No need much money, but you need to have basic carpentry skill. This simple and unique wall art also can be use to put on your photo frame, clock, and vase.

Background Gallery Wood Wall Art

Background gallery wood-wall-art-decor

This background gallery made from wood. Just put on some photo pictures or frame art at his geometric wooden wall ornament. By using some nails you can treated as like as board to put on announcement for your family.

Simple Wood Wall Art

Simple wood-wall-art-decor

Arrange different size wood into your wall. Give creative touch to make more interesting. If you want to paint it first, it will be cheerful. But, you are please to let be natural as well. You can put this wooden wall art at any place you like.

Famous Wood Wall Art Decor


Look at this artistic shape for a wonderful wall art. It seems amazing to be placed at your bedroom or any room you like. With its neutral color, it can be used in any wall color of your room. Then, if you want to use it as background gallery, it will look wonderful.

Rustic Wood Wall Art Decor


Look at the beautiful paint on the wood wall art! It looks stunning to be out on your living room wall as well. This ornament gives your home a touch of natural beauty. Wood always looks neutral to any house style.

Wood with Bottle Wall Art Decor

Wood with bootle wall-art-decor-style

How about this wood wall art? It looks amazing by adding bottles stamp on the wood. it can be function as a pot to put flower as well. Buy this unique ornament for your house or if you have basic carpentry skill, you can make it by yourself.

Board Wood Wall Art Design

Board wood-wall-art-decor-ideas

Paint some board diagonally with any color you like. It will look stunning to be placed on your bedroom wall. This is a simple wood wall art that can be made by your at this weekend. Just find out some good board and create them to be a wonderful wall art.


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