For most people, a doormat is one part of the house that you do not really notice but they are a necessity. First impressions can make all the difference, and your entrance is no exception. So why not greet your guests with style  with the funny mat? This unique outdoor mat will greet your guests and make them giggle. There’s nothing better than a good welcome mat to make your guests feel welcomed with mats that reflect the host’s sense of humor.



Funny doormat 1
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Oh.. Hi Mat. I’m Guest. Nice to see you.

Bring Wine or Go Home

Funny doormat 2
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Your guests will have no excuses if they show up empty-handed. They have been warned, after all.

Don’t Be Too Long

Funny doormat 3
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This mat can also be used as a reminder that the host also need time to get some rest.

Looking for Mate

Funny doormat 3
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Everybody has single friend that could use one of these. It can be a great gift for them.

Busy Napping

Funny doormat 5
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There are people who can sleep through everything like a doorbell sound. It’s polite to warn unexpected guests that you’re surfing through dreamland at the moment.

The Thief

Funny doormat 6
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So if you meet someone who is wandering around looking for his or her mat, you already know exactly where to find it.

Adele Fans

Funny doormat 7
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Adele fans will definitely get the reference and everyone else can at least appreciate its literal interpretation.

Master Yoda

Funny doormat 8
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For star wars lovers, this is the right decor to welcome guests. Of course the incoming guest must be approved by Master Yoda.

Be Quiet

Funny doormat 10
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This is the right mat for those who have babies. An early warning for guests to keep them from waking the baby up.

Dressed To Nines

Funny doormat
Source : Pinterest

Yes, of course. Wearing proper clothes is the ethics of the visit, this is a tribute to the host and yourself.

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