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8 Wooden Staircase Design Ideas for Branching Out

Your staircase may be small and narrow. But it doesn’t mean that your stairs can’t get the same decorating treatment as the rest of your house. Find ways to make your traditional wooden stairs stand out with stylish wooden staircase ideas below.


1. Charcoal Balusters

Charcoal balusters

The charcoal-colored balusters add a subtle personalization to this staircase railing. Design by Gina Samarotto

2. Lighted Steps

Lighted steps

To add dramatic effect, insert track lighting underneath stair steps. It’s designed by Ilija Karlusi

3. Shutter Railing

Shutter railing

A creative railing made from wooden Balinese window shutters. It is both functional and decorative (design by Kathleen Perkins).

4. Coastal White

Coastal white

Enhance the theme of any beach, coastal or nautical design with an all-white staircase.

5. High Lights

High lights

The circular entryway is framed by a spiral wooden staircase accentuated by a heightened ceiling and skylights. So adorable.

6. Intricate Banister

Intricate banister

Detailed woodwork on the staircase railing gives added visual interest.

7. Geometric Railing

Geometric railing

This white wood staircase is a refreshing design element that complements the mint green striped walls. The geometric railing design resembles wood lattice work bringing a bit of the outdoors into this entry space. Design by Leta Austin Foster.

8. Glass Railing

Glass railing

The glass railing is a non-traditional element to a wood staircase that complements the room’s industrial style.

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