Having a beautiful garden is not only in your dream. And to make it happen, all you need is a good container gardening. You can control soil quality and the amount of water required much more easily and you can assure proper drainage for those precious plants, too. Try to find a good container that is suitable with your need and also can beautify your garden as well. Check out these 9 brilliant container gardening ideas to consider below, and we hope that from these ideas you will find some cool ideas for your creative gardening needs.


1. Vintage Container Gardening

Vintage container gardening

To make this great container, all you need is just your old galvanized tub and the cone shaped pieces. The cone has a hole in the bottom that is perfect for drainage, and the old galvanized pieces have a hole or leaks in the seams that is perfect for container gardening.

2. Wash Tub Herb Garden

Wash tub herb garden

Plant your own vintage galvanized wash tub herb garden. The wash tubs make great containers and are the perfect size for veggies, herbs & flowers.

3. Recycled Barrel Planter

Recycled barrel planter

This container is made of a half barrel, wood from old pallets, and a bit of creativity.

4. Vertical Herb Planter

Vertical herb planter

If you love the taste of fresh herbs, this vertical herb planter lets you grow them all in one convenient place right outside your door. This shelves is can be removable easily, so you can put it in any place that you like.

5. DIY Lettuce Table

Diy lettuce table

This lettuce table can proudly sits on your outdoor and features all sorts of greens throughout the season.

6. Rain Boots Gardening

Rain boots gardening

Do not throw away your old boots. Give them a new life just like in the picture above.

7. DIY Upcycled Pitcher Planter

Diy upcycled pitcher planter

Use your old pitcher as a pot for your plants. Don’t forget to drill a few holes in the bottom of your pitcher for drainage.

8. Cinder Block Focal Point Vertical Planter

Cinder block focal point vertical planter

Create a vertical garden easily by stacking the cinder blocks endlessly and combine it with some plants. You can also paint the cinder blocks to make it more eye catching.

9. Succulent Chair Planter

Succulent chair planter

A succulent chair planter is part garden and part sculptural art that adds interest as a focal point in the garden. Just cut a section of chicken wire that will be large enough to fit inside the chair to form the basket and extend over the chair edge.

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