Seeing the corner of a room, actually give a chance for you to use it as storage. By simple thing like adding some boards or baskets, this empty space can be used to save some tiny goods. The use of corner as storage is quite popular at this era. Here are some corner storage ideas that may inspire you;

Wall Shelf for the Bedroom

Maximizing every space of your home is very important. For example, you can make the most of the corner of your home for storage space. And, corner storage is all you need.

Wall shelf for the bedroom

This storage design also gives interesting value. Your books will easy to reach by your hand while you are lying on the bed. It looks cool for your bedroom, isn’t it?

New Storage Areas for Stuffed Animals

New storage areas for stuffed animals

Saving your animal collection will not difficult any more. Let’s use the corner of your room. This handy storage style can be used to store any tiny things as well.

Put Your Oven in the Corner

Put your oven in the corner

Put your oven in the corner is a good idea to save the space. With this design you are also easy to move around your kitchen. Apply bright color to make look larger than the real size.

Storage Bench with Wall Hooks

Storage bench with wall hooks

Put on some coats and jackets in the corner will ease to find it any time. Use your corner on the entry way. This idea also works well to save your bags.

Corner Shelf from a Reclaimed Door

Corner shelf from a reclaimed door

The idea of repurposing reclaimed door as shelf also works well as storage. It doesn’t require much money, but you need push your creativity. If you want to paint it first, it will be look better.

Wine Rack that Fits in Your Space

Wine rack that fits in your space

Saving your wine may need more boxes. On the other hand, this corner storage will ease you without worrying the space. Use your corner with cutting board and save your wine there.

Drawers Specially Built for the Corners

Drawers specially built for the corners

Just buy some drawers that are made special for corner.  The design looks elegant for any room design. Here, you can put some kitchen utensils without worrying the space.

Build a Cage for Stuffed Animals

Build a cage for stuffed animals

If your children have many animal dolls, this cage may be ideal for you. You can build this cage by your own self. Just prepare thick and stretchy cord, so putting animals away.

Benches with Pull out Baskets

Benches with pull out baskets

Corner benches can be functioned as storage as well. You can put some basket under the benches that can be used to save your goods. It looks great to be place at one of your corner too.

Build a Shelf by the Door

Build a shelf by the door

Build a shelf next to the door will help you to add your storage. It can be use to put some indoor plants as well. You can make it by yourself or ask somebody to build this corner storage for you.

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