Having a fence is something to consider. A good fence or gate keep your outdoor space look amazing and become more private from outside. If you need one or need to upgrade it to add something new but can’t afford to to have it, one of these 9 DIY fences and gate is all you need.


1. DIY Outdoor Gate

Diy outdoor gate

This gate is a great solution for you who have narrow walkway, so your pet will not sneak off. It is also keeping the neighbor within eye’s distance to us on.

2. Marble Fence

Marble fence

This impressive fence is made only with 2 things; concave swoop, and marbles.

3. Easy DIY Fence Gate

Easy diy fence gate

This DIY is cost about $20 (depending on gate size), and only need an hour to make.

4. Easy DIY Gate

Easy diy gate

To create the perfect arch, you need two screws, a piece of very thin, flexible wood (a narrow piece of wood trim / lattice), pencil, and jigsaw.

5. Classic Backyard Fence

Classic backyard fence

This one is an ideal privacy screen if you want to keep out the neighbor’s dog, or to define your personal landscape with a touch of architectural flair.

6. Re-Purposed Shutter Fence

Re-purposed shutter fence

Paint the back side of the shutters, measure off how many feet apart you will need a post, dig a hole, put post in, fill with cement, and when dry, cover with dirt. Attach shutters together with hinges, once cement has dried, attach shutter sections to posts using nails or screws. Paint your side of the fence, and cozy up your nook space with furniture, plants, walkway, and etc.

7. Tin Accent Wall Fence

Tin accent wall fence

Treat the tin as an accent wall is a great idea to add depth and visual interest to your space.

8. DIY Deck Stair Gate

Diy deck stair gate

To make this gate, no woodworking experience necessary. This one is a safe place for your young children or your pets.

9. Pergola Gate

Pergola gate

To make this pergola gate, all you need is a cedar boards, cedar pickets, deck screws, finishing nails. wood glue, gate hinges, and gate latch.


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