Someone who is creative and high imagination will always think of space that can accommodate various functions. For example, the dining room is not just room to eat and after it is abandoned, but also for socializing.

  1. Easy access from dining area to family room


When designing this space, consider where guests will gather to mingle after a meal. In the living room or in the lounge, the most important thing is the ease of access between rooms.

  1. Convenient area for conversation


The seating area should be arranged so that the conversation in the group also feels comfortable. Arrange furniture so that everyone who participates in the conversation does not want to leave it.

  1. Elegant Details


Expose the mast and altitude of space to create an elegant and comfortable feel. Pair the lighting of the chandelier, and the window, the choice of materials, and the wall accessories in the design of the room. Choose plants that hold up in space to make the room look beautiful.

  1. Easy access to drinks


After-meal conversation, it can be done anywhere, provided there is easy access to drinks and snacks.

  1. Convenient service place


Design space near the seating area to easily refresh drinks without having to leave the room

  1. Family Photos and Idol Figures


‘Drawing Room’ does not have to be accompanied by expensive paintings. But it can also show the family history of photographs emblazoned on the wall and even on the shelf.

  1. A Place to Enjoy Music


After-dinner entertainment means the availability of sound-system or means for music. The host or guest can showcase the musical talents to add to the familiarity of the conversation atmosphere.

  1. Table for playing games


Card games, monopolies, or billiards often add to familiarity. Provide an area to play it. Choose a curved or circular table for easy play.

  1. The furniture is neat and clean


Make room for guests to mingle comfortably. Get rid of the TV remote, tidy up the pile of books, prepare cards or games, sound-system, and all the equipment you want to do with the guests.

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