Curtains serve to protect the house from the sun. There are various motifs and colors of window curtains that you can choose. There are many types of window curtains that you need to know before installing them in one room. Here are 10 types of curtain for your window.

1.Type Sheer


This type of window curtain is required to keep the view from the inside out still ‘polite’. Sheer is usually plain white or patterned from voile material.

  1. Rod Pocket Type


Rod pocket is the simplest type of window curtain. Rod pocket is a window curtain made of lightweight fabric and usually is not often opened and closed, because its function as a barrier.

  1. Draperies Type


Draperies are one of the most decorative window curtains. Draperies are used to make the room more attractive. Draperies also appear more simple with a wavy surface and hang the same length.

  1. Cascades Type


Cascades are the type of window curtains that dangle on both sides of the window. Cascades also have variations of motifs and lengths.

  1. Valances Type


Usually valances are combined with cascades, then you need to adjust at least the color of both, preferably if cascades and valance are made of the same fabric.

  1. Tiers Type


Usually tiers cover up to the bottom third of the window. Tiers alone will form the perfect combination with valances. Tiers are often used for kitchens and bathrooms.

  1. Eyelet Type


Window curtains of this type are usually made of curtains or curtains that are light or not too heavy. Eyelet type window curtains are easily shifted because the movement of the rings on the window shaft is not hampered.

  1. Tab Top


Tab top is a window curtain type similar to eyelets. Tab top is the window curtain with the most flexible fabric weight, because the hook itself comes from the same fabric.

  1. Blinds Type


Blinds window curtain usually is made of hard enough material such as canvas.

  1. Scarves Type


Scarves are the easiest type of window curtain to be installed and customized to your liking. Scarves itself has no hanging place like a ring and even a cloth, it is just a long cloth wrapped around the window shafts as a decoration.

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