Nowadays, black and grey hues for apartment interior are very interested by some people. Even in 1970s era, black and grey can reflect the high – end look. Besides, impression of elegance and calmness are also can be obtained of these hues for apartment. The combination of black and grey all around the space start from the entryway, living room, kitchen, and bathroom will create a nice dwelling to have. Yet, the weakness of the hues is gloomy if you don’t provide the light enough. That’s why, the best illumination and the proper décor are crucial in this theme. To get the best result in applying these hues, let’s check the ideas below!


A Giant Mirror in the Entryway

1. entryway

Usually there will be shoes storage in the entryway to welcome everyone, but in this design a giant mirror with black frame is really useful to place there. It’s not only to embellish the space, but also to create a wide space.

Book Shelves and the Living Room

2. living room

A combination of black book shelves with grey sofa is significant to avoid the gloomy impression. To balance the dark book shelves, just place the colorful books and decoration on it. This is a simple way to make the living room look nicer.

Modern Dining Space

3. dining space

A rectangular table with shiny black glass on the top is a very modern impression. The feature the combination of black and walnut create an elegant and pleasant atmosphere for mealtime.

Breakfast Nook

4. the kitchen

Some people agree that initial the day with optimism and a healthy breakfast is good. Therefore, this simple and elegant kitchen will be nice to enjoy your breakfast.

The Kitchen

5. the kitchen2

The shelves in this kitchen are totally black, so it will need some LED light on the ceiling. The existence of the light is benefit to brighten the space and for the décor as well.

Calmness in the Bedroom

6. bedroom

In this design, the application of grey in the bedroom is dominant. A bed without headboard and the bed cover become the point of simplicity and elegance in the space.

Elegant Bathroom

7. bathroom
8. bathroom 2

If you are bored with a white or shiny surface of a sink, these grey sinks are totally different from others. Besides, the grey geometric tiles are fitted perfectly with today’s theme.

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