One of the most important rooms of a house is the living room. This is the first room that usually provided by the owner of a house to welcome their guest. The first impression also may come from this room. It means that, you as the owner of a house should give the best living room appearance. Here are shabby-chic living room ideas to copy soon;


Cottage Chic

Cottage chic

Using rustic coffee table can be a brilliant idea for living room with country style. The oversize French sofa with its neutral color asks you to sit for long time and enjoys the atmosphere.  Just take a rest for a while at this room.

Shabby-Chic Palette

Shabby-chic palette

Choosing pastel and white color bring your house into a perfect palette. Distressed dresser for chairs create amazing shabby-chic for your living room. Let your guest enjoy to see this wonderful design and adore it.

Shabby-Chic Escape

Shabby-chic escape

Dried eucalyptus, woven textures, and a repurposed mirror make this living room looks calm. This design is created to bring peace mind for all people who come in. Here is a shabby-chic escape living room for the one who love simple and soft.

Thrifted Gallery Wall

Thrifted gallery wall

The gallery wall here play role as the vocal pint of this living room. They work together with some white chair to create shabby-chic harmony. Let see the table which also looks rustic for a country house style.

Shabby-Chic Nook

Shabby-chic nook

With this shabby-chic nook, your living room looks more stunning. Fill the nook with some ornament to make it more interesting. Just provide some chairs with pillows to create a friendly room for your guest.

Shabby-Chic Living Room in White

Shabby-chic living room in white

Putting super-soft linen slipcovers and cotton throws also bring your living room into a more shabby-chic look. Add a touch of sparkling chandelier to give an eye catching view. A lilac flower on the white pot also pursues more beautiful side over there.

Vintage Trunk

Vintage trunk

Blue vintage trunk can replace the role of table at this vintage living room style. It works well along the rug and chairs to create classic look. The unique lamps come as the statement for this shabby-chic room style.

Salvaged Accents

Salvaged accents

A shabby-chic style comes from the lamp which is made from salvaged materials. Furthermore, the woven texture lamp creates a fantastic style for this living room and brings it to look cozy. The white sofa may become the best partner for the unique lamp.


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