8 adorable backyard ideas that won't break the bank

A beautiful backyard us all about personal touches. Turning a blank concrete slab into a distinctive outdoor retreat takes more than just an update patio set. It requires a few unique design elements and a whole lot of creativity. And nowadays, having a beautiful backyard doesn’t have to spend much money in it. There are many ways to get a beautiful backyard cheaply. Check out these 8 adorable backyard ideas that won’t break the bank below to inspire you.

1. A Stock Tank As a Pool

The stock tank pool is the perfect way to cool off your backyard especially for summer. You can also plant some colorful flowers and cart to serve the drinks after swimming.

2. Treehouse

Give your kid an outdoor space to playing around by making a treehouse. Let them play with their imagination outside the house cheerfully.

3. Fire Pit

It is so fun to enjoy the summer night around a fire pit, so why don’t you make it one?

4. Pretty Pergola

Build a pergola is quite expensive, but you can easily build one on a budget, just like in the picture above. Make your pergola more unique with string lights and some candle from a simple chandelier frame. Cover the side of the pergola  with a fabric for a privacy matter.

5. Lounge

The decoration of this lounge is combining a new and reused furniture. You don’t need to spend much money to create a comfortable lounge. All you need is some creativity.

6. Garden Path

Decorate your garden path by adding a strand of rope lights for an easy and affordable way to light your backyard pathways at night.

7. Hang String Lights

If having a pergola is too much for you, just hang string lights to the seating area in your backyard.

8. Bike Planter

Turn your old bike into a unique backyard decoration. Fill the front basket of your old bike with blooms. Perfect.

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