The direction of the wind determines which element of nature corresponds to it. Natural elements in question are fire, water, wood, soil, and metal. The color of the selected home interior paint should be the colors that come from this natural element.

  1. Select the color of wood elements for the room facing east


Positive energy flow in the room facing east can be imported from the use of colors that represent wood elements. Interior color paint house that you can apply in this room is the color green and brown.

  1. Reapply the colors of wood elements in the room that leads to the northeast


Wood elements are still a natural element that brings positive energy in this area. You should maintain the use of brown and green colors as a choice of interior paint color of the house.

  1. Insert neutral colors into the room that leads west


For this area, you should use home interior paint colors from metal feng shui elements such as gray, white, and metallic.

  1. Bring a romantic impression of the pink on the room facing southwest


Red, maroon, and pink house interior paint can represent the element of fire, while cream, peach, and chocolate paint can represent the soil elements.

  1. Use the color of the water element for the room that leads north


Use home interior paint is blue because interior paint color of this house symbolizes harmony and balance.

  1. Choose a neutral color for the room facing northwest


White color brings positive energy to the room in the northwest area.

  1. Use the symbol colors of fire in the room facing south


Interior paint colors that represent elements of fire like maroon, purple, and red are the most appropriate colors to bring positive energy to the room in this area.

  1. Apply a combination of ground and fire colors to a room facing southeast


The positive energy in the southeast will flow if you use two combinations of feng shui elements, earth elements and fire. You can use home interior paint colors that are softer than those two elements.

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