After all of the modernization on the home decoration, nowadays people are inclined to change over their decoration into the rustic one that can bring out warm and welcoming atmosphere so that the rooms won’t feel too rigid. When redesign their homes, commonly people not do it in every rooms and only for certain rooms that they really want to be highlighted for its warm impression such as for the living room. As we all agree that living room is an important part of a home that need to be designed as cozy as possible to be a gathering room not only for yourself but also for the guests as it is also intended to welcome your guests whether your family or friends. That is why in this case, living room is the right room to be applied with rustic design so that you can have a proper public room to serve your guests well.

However, some of you may a little bit in doubt to change your modern look into the rustic one as it will make your room looks out of date. Well, the best way to deal with that quandary is by combining those two styles to provide a modern room design in a warmer version to make your guests comfortable on its welcoming and inviting atmosphere. To make it real, you can do it by using the materials that identical with rustic style on the nature elements and create the color scheme into modern one on some neutral colors like black, white, or beige. Start with your coffee table by choosing the one with wood. if it is possible, it will be great to have wooden flooring. Add some ornaments that can indicate the rustic style. Don’t forget not to use the wood colors not to make the rustic style looks too much. Better for you to paint it into white or black color so that you can bring out the modern style into the room just like the pictures below. Go check these out and get the inspiration!


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