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57 Elegant Bathroom Design with Black Walls


Black is one of timeless color. It colors some room design nowadays and easily becomes a trending color. As a dramatic yet elegant color, black creates a brave impression for interior design. But, there are some people that are afraid enough to apply black as dominant color of interior design. They might think that it makes dark nuance since it absorbs lighting. On the other hands, some also think that black gives certain impression which any other colors do not have, it is truly bold trend setter.

Don’t be afraid of taking black as a dominant color for your interior design especially your bathroom. There are some ideas to match black with other ornaments in the bathroom so that it looks perfect. Though black tends to be classic, but you can make it classy by doing some tricks. First, choose other elements with contrast color with black. White is the most commonly favorite color found for balancing black design. For black bathroom walls, you can choose white sink and bath tub. Another idea of balancing black is applying wooden cabinet or shelf. These contrast colors can make an awesome combination to your bathroom. Second, adding a wall mirror with gold color is another way to make a classy look for black bathroom. This mirror also makes a luxurious touch. Some think that black creates smaller space, but you can get around this opinion by make two zone of bath zone and toilet zone by installing white curtain. Is that possible of having glass door for bath zone? The answer is why not! It is a helpful way to make larger impression since glass or mirror is the right element to give larger impression. Third, to give natural touch, you can also put some plants on the corner of your bathroom. It will be nice to put a flower in a pot to give natural fragrance. The important aspect is the lighting, as you know before that black absorb more light than other colors, then you must install more light in the black bathroom. You may install lantern, ceiling lamps, table lamps, or bulbs surround the mirror.well, to give your real examples, check these pictures below! Enjoy!


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