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53 Vintage Decor Ideas for Your Home Design


The word ‘vintage’ must have been familiar for you as nowadays it is not only refers to something archaic but something new that deliberately designed to look antiquated in fashion or decoration things. Commonly vintage style is chosen by those who are bored with minimalist thing in this modern era or who have their own personal taste of the occupancy. Vintage will allow you to have certain impression of the warm ambience that really welcoming and inviting for your guests even it is your friends or family. The ornaments and colors that are brougt by this style can also save you from the boring atmosphere just like when you have a minimalist one. This vintage style is really fit you for a more experiencing home atmosphere.

Basically vintage home decoration comes from several style like classic, tradituonal, shabby chic, or even industrial. You cam choose the one that fit your personal taste whether you like something completely old or you still need tge modern touch like when you bring the vintage style with the industrial touch. The look of the vintage style can be in an expose brick, or something in brown or white color with antique furniture and ornaments. You can bring the touch that you want in a small part of your home decoration whether on the furniture or the ornaments. The point is that don’t put it too much becaise that will make your home lose its vintage impression. Moreover, you can apply the vintage style into any room of your home from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even bathroon. It will be great as long as you know how to manage the decoration well. For a clear illustration you can look at the following pictures that will show you some great vintage decoration ideas. Please look at the rest of this page and get the inspiration!


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