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57 Creative Dorm Decoration Ideas for Your Bedroom


Having a cozy bedroom is everyone’s hope. Surely, as the most private room at home, the design and decoration should be considered. May you think of the tricks on how to make your dreamy bedroom come true. You can use a little creativity to make your bedroom get so comfortable. A dorm style is one of the style you can apply for your bedroom. Who says a dorm having no interesting style? There are plenty ideas to apply using this style to beautify your bedroom.

It is a tidy bedroom that everyone wants to have. It exactly needs some efforts like throwing far away your laziness and being care of cleaning up your bedroom. Choose very useful furnitures like bed, cupboard, and shelves. A soft colored bedsheet may boost your mood after studying a lot all day long. It is better for you to pick a simple single bed to save your bedroom space. Take your favorite color as the dominant color for your dorm bedroom wall. It helps you to create fancy ambiance. The, use shelves for putting your books and magazines. You can creatively arrange your books from the smallest to the biggest hardcover. Floating shelves are ones the most favorite since they save more space as you can have other elements under the shelves. For wall ornaments, you can use wall papers or wall stickers so that if you have got bored, you can replace them with the new one. Quotes are the other wall ornaments that you can choose. Besides as an artistic aspect, a quote can motivate your study. You had better to put it on your study corner. Take some photos and put them on the wall. Clotheslines may help you to hang them. Complete your lighting by installing twinkle lights. This idea is interesting, isn’t it? Twinkle lights create a romantic ambiance for your room. Thus, you are able to take a rest well in a very cozy dorm bedroom. Get your inspiration below. Have a superb cozy bedroom then!


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