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57 Bamboo Fence Ideas for Small Houses

A fence for occupancy is a must, especially if you have a large backyard and front yard. Not only for safety and privacy reason, but the fence is also used to create beauty for your home, but that is also why people are concerned about it as well except for the home design. Basically, there are some materials that can be used to be the fence from the iron, steel, or wooden that have different price and value. If you want to save your budget, wood may be the right choice. However, if you think that wood is too common and you need something new on a low budget, you can try to have bamboo for your fence which is really affordable and unique.

What is amazing about the bamboo fence is that you can have it in a shape of a real fence or you can plant it and have a living fence which won’t be less amazing than the real fence. It even can give you a certain peaceful atmosphere with its nature impression that brought into your yard. You just need to simply plant it in an orderly way and you can have a long live fence. The problem with having the bamboo plant to be your fence is that you should sweep away the foliages regularly. Anyway, if you are more interested in the real fence, then the choice is yours. You can manage it in a certain style just to correspond with your personal taste. Paint it with certain different brown or yellow color tones, or even let it just be that way on its natural color. There will be so many great ideas that you can adapt for your own bamboo fence. Choose the one that really fits your personal taste. Get the inspiration down below and get the ideas!


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