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34 Creative Hacks To Organize Your Stuff For Garage Storage

Possessing a garage can help you in many different ways. There are lots of really beneficial DIY hacks to continue to keep your garage stuff organized. Properly sized 2 car garage plans will add value to your house, save you a good deal of future aggravation and might help you save you a little money.


Like other rooms at home which should be managed and set well, garage needs attention from the house owner. A garage is not only a room provided for keeping your car, but it also a place for store your stuff. As other rooms setting, your garage can be decorated both functionally and artistically. To make your garage tidier, your stuff must be organized well. If you have a lot of stuff, you need tricky ideas to make storages put in the garage.

Let’s discuss some tricks to store your stuff in the garage which will help you to make your garage tidy and well-organized. First, you have to sort the stuff based on the type. Sometimes you still keep in many useless stuff you do not use it any more. Then, sort into which ones should be kept and the other ones should be thrown away. Put the ones you still want to use in containers based on the type. Second, the easiest and most common trick is using open racks to store your stuff. These open racks make you easy to find out the stuff you will use and put it back. If you have stored your stuff in containers, you may use the third idea. Make a built-in cabinet on the garage wall. The containers can saved inside this built-in cabinet. This idea simply saves your space. Thus, if you only have a small garage, you had better adopt this idea. To maximize this kind of cabinet, you can make it higher almost reach your ceiling. After that, sort the stuff based on the frequency of using. The more often to use are on the bottom part, while those which rarely used are put on the top parts. The last, make a vertical or horizontal rack as a simple storage you can make. Put the stuff in a good order based on the size or color so that you will easily identify and find the stuff you need to use. If your stuff in the garage can be well-organized, you will be easy to clean it. Below are some examples of storage in the garage you can follow.

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