Having a small space at home sometimes makes you get confused to set the furniture. It may also a big problem for you those have a big family. You may look for any tricky ideas to solve this problem. There are some smart tricks to follow in solving this problem, such as choosing a neutral color to dominant the wall paint like white or beige, using effortless furniture, making the ceiling higher than usual, putting mirrors on the wall, and so on.

This description will describe one of those tricks and hope that you will find more inspiration. It is not a secret any more that putting a mirror in a small space gives the a larger impression. The mirror will help to reflect the lighting so that the space seems brighter. Though it tends to be a classic trick but some people believe it is effective. They put the mirror in some rooms like bedroom, livingroom, and bathroom. There are various shape of mirrors, round, oval, square, and rectangle. The classic buy classy one is round mirror that mostly used bu some people to beautify their small space. A round mirror plays a flexible role than rectangle or square mirror since it only needs less space on the wall than the others. People modify the edge of the mirror based on needs. Some may add wooden frame, but some like to have steel frame. These two frames are quite interesting depend on your favorite. In the small bathroom, putting a round mirror has another function in spite of making a larger impression. You can use it to look at yourself first before coming out from the bathroom. In the bedroom, a round mirror helps you to make your private room looks larger than it is. It also can be a media to do a make up. The essential space is the livingroom. Since this room is a place for you to gather with your family and welcome your guests. It will be a problem if you only have a limited space. Thus, mirror will help you to give larger impression. But, one thing to remember that we have to put the mirror appropriately in the right place. Place the mirror near the lighting source. It will totally help how the mirror work well ro reflect the lighting. Then, if your livingroom has some windows, don’t put the mirror near the window, but put it opposite the window. Well, you may get some inspirations on how to set up a round mirror in your small space below. Check them out!

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